10 Application Performance Monitoring Tools You Should Know About

Development and launch are only the first stages of an application’s life cycle. When talking about apps, it is better to compare them to a living organism rather than a finished product. Apps are constantly evolving as people use them and there needs to be a way for developers to track the health of their apps.

That’s why a powerful Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool is an indispensable part of any coder’s toolbox. APM tools are designed to detect potential bugs and security issues and alert developers so they can quickly fix code and ensure their applications work as expected. Customers expect apps to load quickly and run smoothly. Thus, implementing an APM can help software developers ensure that their customers are getting the best experience.

Top APM Tools You Should Know

  • Stack Trace
  • Datadog
  • Operating view
  • Website24x7
  • Dynatrace
  • eG Innovations
  • Sematext APM
  • Microsoft Insights

APMs are such a popular tool that many companies have launched their own performance monitoring platforms, each with their own unique features and benefits.

Here are 10 of the most popular app performance monitoring tools and how they help developers optimize their apps.

APM tools

Stackify Retrace allows users to track the performance of their products from development to launch. | Image: Stack

Stack Trace

Price: $960 per year.

Stack Trace is a lifecycle application performance monitoring tool, which means users can track the performance of their products from the development phase to launch. This APM allows users to consolidate their logs in one central location, making it easier for users to compare logs side-by-side and spot bugs faster, according to its website. The biggest advantage of Stackify Retrace is its centralized dashboard view, which can be integrated with other tools like Azure, Oracle, and My SQL.

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A screenshot of Datadog's Application Performance Monitoring Tool.
Datadog is a SaaS application performance tool that lets users choose the tools they need. | Image: Datadog


Pricing: Free starting price, $23 per host per month for enterprise option.

Datadog is a SaaS application performance tool that connects users to monitoring and security services at a discount price starting at $15 per month per host, according to its website. Datadog users can choose the tools they want from a portfolio that includes incident management, network monitoring, log management, and cloud security management. Personalization allows users to pay only for what they need.

A screenshot of Opsview's Application Performance Monitoring tool.
Opsview offers various plugins compatible with commonly used interfaces. | Image: OpsView

Operating view

Pricing: Starting at $9 per month per host.

Operating view is an APM tool that has been implemented by developers in the software, finance, and media industries, as well as government entities and educational organizations. It offers APM packages and plugins compatible with VmWare, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and a variety of other commonly used interfaces. Those curious about Opsview can set up a custom live demo to get a walkthrough of its tools and see if it meets their needs, according to the platform’s site.

A screenshot of Site24X7's Application Performance Monitoring Tool.
Site24x7 is a cloud-based APM tool that uses AI technology to automatically analyze application behavior and provide real-time insights. | Image: Site24X7


Price: The Enterprise option is $225 per month.

Website24x7 is a cloud-based APM tool that uses AI technology to automatically analyze application behavior and provide real-time insights, according to its website. The platform gives users the ability to manage their logs like other interfaces, but also provides cloud cost insights to help them better manage their budget expenditures and reduce unnecessary cloud-related expenses.

A screenshot of Dynatrace's Application Performance Monitoring Tool.
Dynatrace’s APM tool allows its users to monitor the user experience of their sites and make changes based on that data. | Image: Dynatrace


Price: $74 per month per host for full stack monitoring.

Dynatrace is an APM tool that gives users the ability to see how their product performance is affecting their customers’ experiences and allows them to make changes based on that data. Dynatrace users can monitor their application infrastructure, maintain security standards, build their cloud automation tools, and deepen their business analytics. Some of Dynatrace’s most high-profile clients include Dell Technologies, Experian, UHaul and Kroger, according to its site.

A screenshot of Stackify's Application Performance Monitoring Tool.
EG Innovations’ APM tool is capable of monitoring a wide range of applications. | Image: EG Innovations

eG Innovations

Pricing: Based on deployment method, subscription starts at $100 per month.

EG Innovations The big advantage is its wide suite of services, which can be used to monitor more than 200 applications, including AWS, Java, .NET and Office 365, according to its site. The platform can be integrated with Slack, WhatsApp, Zendesk as well as other communication platforms. In addition, it received a Gold Award from the Tech Genix site. In addition to an APM, eG Innovations also produces tools for digital workspace monitoring, IT infrastructure monitoring, and hybrid cloud monitoring.

A screenshot of Sematext's Application Performance Monitoring Tool.
Sematext’s APM tool offers true user tracking to make changes quickly. | Image: Sematext

Sematext APM

Price: $50 per month

Sematext APM is an end-to-end monitoring platform that gives users insight into application functions and slow or malfunctioning SQL statements, according to its site. One of its key features is its true user monitoring, which allows customers to view real-time customer experience and satisfaction data so they can make adjustments quickly and fix slow page loading issues. .

A diagram showing the data processed by the Microsoft Insights APM tool.
Microsoft Insights can highlight customer behavior so teams can improve their most popular features. | Picture: Microsoft

Microsoft Insights

Price: $2.76 per GB, pay-as-you-go option.

Launched under the Microsoft 365 umbrella and a feature of Azure Monitor, Overview of Microsoft apps is capable of analyzing application performance through Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and a number of other commonly used frameworks. The documentation and monitoring tool can diagnose performance issues and show what customers use apps most often for, so developers can improve their most popular features and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, according to its site.

A screenshot of NewRelic's Application Performance Monitoring Tool.
New Relic APM is a comprehensive monitoring tool that can be used to track errors, monitor infrastructure, and explore customer information. | Image: New Relic

New APM Relic

Pricing: $0.30 per GB per month.

New APM Relic is a comprehensive monitoring tool that can be used to track errors, monitor infrastructure, and explore customer information. While businesses may need to pay to use the platform, individuals can use New Relic APM for free to work on test projects. On Gartner Peer Insightsa review said that New Relic One “includes a variety of features such as monitoring, warning, and distributed tracking”, which “allows us to maintain very high uptime, which leads to higher satisfaction customer and increased productivity”.

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A screenshot of Appdynamics' Application Performance Monitoring Tool.
AppDynamics automatically sends alerts when major issues occur with an app. | Image: AppDynamics


Price: $90 per month per host business option.

AppDynamics is a comprehensive performance monitoring platform that gives development and IT teams visibility into the health and status of their applications. The platform’s enterprise option is more expensive, at $90 per month per processor, but AppDynamics also provides a wide range of tools to measure things like business metrics, application security, and compliance. user experience. AppDynamics also automatically sends alerts when major issues with an app arise, so developers don’t miss any crucial bug fixes, according to its site.

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