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If you start your day by inserting five-letter words into a grid and waiting for green, gray and yellow boxes to appear, you’re not alone. Wordle, the free viral word game, has attracted millions of users, each trying to guess the word daily and then often sharing their results on social media.

Kelli Dunlap, clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the American University Game Lab, isn’t surprised that Wordle has become a global phenomenon, noting that the game’s digital format and “one and done” element lets you play n anywhere. Posting results on social media creates a sense of connection, and some studies have shown that word games can improve memory and cognition in older adults.

“Puzzles are like productive play,” says Dunlap. “One of the coolest things about puns is that anyone can do them.”

While some users are drawn to Wordle precisely because it only offers one daily puzzle, others want more opportunities to test the pattern recognition and deductive and spatial reasoning skills needed to solve puzzles. . Unsurprisingly, Wordle’s popularity has spawned a number of similar games designed to test your knowledge of everything from words to geography and numbers.

Consider adding these 14 free web games to your daily routine.

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