5 cool math games to boost your math skills

Are you looking to hone your arithmetic skills in a fun and creative way? Or maybe you would like to spend your free time productively updating some of the things you learned in school? If so, why not try some cool and free math games?

If you have listened to the American game show “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader, you may have noticed that many adults have not retained or learned knowledge from their school years. An example of this is learning to calculate and solve simple arithmetic and numeracy skills, which can sometimes elude those – including college and high school students – who may have forgotten things such as their schedules.

Whether you’re still in school or going to college soon, a thorough understanding or application of mathematical concepts, arithmetic and number problems often apply to our daily lives more times than we realize.

It can range from perform simple tasks like weighing food when tackling a new recipe at home to manage your monthly expenses so you don’t overspend.

While there are millions of cool math games you can access for free, here are five apps to boost your brain by solving fun math equations while refreshing your math skills.

Cool math games to explore

Toon math runner

This game tests your ability to solve math equations while constantly running and overcoming obstacles. Your main objective is to rescue your friends who have been kidnapped and brought to Halloween town before they turn into scarecrows.

The immersive game tests your ability to maneuver a set of challenges, combining your ability to think quickly to solve math equations while being alert to any obstacles and collecting as many rewards as possible.

Suitable for all educational levels, the game is a fun way for you to boost your mathematical intelligence. Players can unlock new characters as they progress through the game and level up as their character or team progresses.

Price on Android or iOS: Free

Kahoot! Multiplication games

Are your schedules a little rusty? Designed by the award-winning Dragonbox team, Kahoot! Multiplication games allow you to tackle simple multiplication tasks to help you improve your schedule.

You’ll be spoiled for choice to try your luck in 20 math mini-games designed for players of varying skill sets. No previous knowledge of multiplication is necessary.

The challenges range from very basic multiplication problems that help you solve simple multiplications before moving on to solving more complex equations by tackling the most difficult mini-games.

Although most content in the game is free, full access to content and all features of this app may require a paid subscription (see below).

Price on Android or iOS: Free

One-time in-app purchase: $9.99

Kahoot Plus for Monthly Family: $8.99

Kahoot Plus for annual family: $89.99


This exploration game lets you travel to different islands to find hidden gems stolen by an evil pirate named Max.

Players will be put through a number of exciting math equations to get them closer to retrieving hidden gems. The game uses all forms of math concepts including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

A timer is included to encourage players to solve math equations at a faster pace. It reinforces the learning of all multiplication tables and tests your ability to handle more complex addition and subtraction. It strengthens your mental ability to associate numbers with different arithmetic strategies.

Math games – Zeus against the monsters

Combining elements of Greek mythology and fun math equations was an ingenious idea from game developer Peaksel Games!

This fast and dynamic arithmetic game challenges you to solve mathematical equations based on time. Players solve different levels of math equations to keep your Zeus character alive against mythical monsters.

The most challenging aspect of the game is the monster math flashcards that appear at the bottom of the screen, giving you little time to click on the correct answer to solve your math problem.

Price on Android and iOS: Free

Mathematics | Riddles and brain teasers Math games

Math helps you unleash your inner genius by solving a mix of logic puzzles.

Different levels of math games reveal your math skills hidden in geometric shapes. You will train both sides of your brain by exploring the relationships between numbers in geometric shapes.

Logic puzzles help you create new connections for advanced thinking and mental speed.

Apart from puzzles, you can explore different IQ test, educational games, brain games and math games which benefit you in different ways, such as improving your concentration attention as well as perceptual abilities and power of Memory. The game is suitable for both children and adults.

Price on Android and iOS: Free

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