7 Best Upcoming iOS Games We’re Excited About in 2022

Sometimes it’s hard to be a mobile gamer. On the one hand, iOS games are seen as an occasional counterweight to what’s happening on consoles, despite heavy funding and lengthy development processes. It’s also hard to recommend someone whipping their phone to play a video game instead of scrolling through social media feeds. But the biggest downside? Never knowing when something is releasing.

It’s hard to keep up with upcoming iOS games if a title isn’t listed on Apple Arcade. Worse still: most major mobile games are shrouded in rumors, vague tweets, leaks, and trailers that refuse to even state a targeted release year. After a game like, say, Skate 4 is announced for mobile devices, publishers often fall silent as it continues to test, tinker, and develop, while fans end up waiting months for an announcement. tracked before it fades from memory. Just look at Tomb Raider Reloaded, Metal Slug: Awakening, Warframe Mobile, and the recently announced The Division Resurgence for a few examples of this phenomenon.

But hey, that’s not to say iOS hasn’t had a slew of great games in 2022 (many of which are amazing titles on Apple Arcade). It just means we’re not entirely sure what the rest of 2022 has in store for us. And for this reason, we have put together a fairly short and simple list of games that we to know arrive this year, or have been announcement arrive this year. We’re not looking to add more fodder to the rumor mill – there are plenty of sub-reddits and Twitter accounts for that – but rather to provide some sort of roadmap for what to expect for the rest of the year. So here we are going to play it safe and discuss seven games we are pretty sure will arrive by the end of 2022. So much for hoping!

In the breach

Netflix has quietly invaded the mobile gaming space through its Netflix Games branch, and July 19 saw another title released under its belt. A mobile port of Into the Breach, a 2018 critical indie darling, released on iOS with some exciting new additions. The mech-based roguelike puzzler received an Advanced Edition update that added more mechs, weapons, enemies, pilots, and abilities, along with an additional difficulty mode and new music by Ben Prunty. The game also features an overhauled touchscreen interface, reconfiguring the game for mobile screens.

The Into the Breach Advanced Edition update is released as free DLC for all platforms the title is currently available on, although the mobile version does not require an additional download. It’s a great way for those unfamiliar with the game to finally play it – given you have a Netflix subscription, of course – and enjoy the addictive, thoughtful, strategic time-travel mayhem that comes with the saving humanity from invaders.

Netflix aims to have a total of 50 games (!) available to its subscribers by the end of the year. The company also intends to release three more games in July, including a port of GoodbyeWorld Games’ Before Your Eyes, a game originally released on Steam that tells a story based on your actual camera-recognized blinks; and an original game by Sam Barlow (Her Story, Telling Lies) called Immortality, which is a full-screen video horror title.

Desta: the memories between

Ustwo, the developers behind perhaps the most groundbreaking iOS game of all time, Monument Valley, are in cahoots with Netflix for their next title. Desta: The Memories Between will be exclusive to Netflix and will be released later this year. Unlike the old game’s optical illusion puzzle platformer, Desta seems to focus on a turn-based sports roguelike experience.

Desta: The Memories Between will follow the main character as he relives forgotten memories and past relationships uncovered by an endless dream. The game seeks to combine tactical gameplay with what the developers describe as “metaphorical ballgame”. Surreal and stylistic, we’re excited to see Desta when it finally hits iOS later this year for Netflix subscribers.

battlefield mobile

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Call of Duty’s longtime rival franchise, Battlefield, is finally entering the mobile space this year with the aptly named Battlefield Mobile, and we couldn’t be more excited. Unlike the other mobile shooters on this list, things seem to be moving along beautifully. Beta testing has already started, a Google Play listing exists, and EA actually has a page dedicated to answers to the most frequently asked questions about Battlefield Mobile. Soon, we’ll all be heading into battle with the vehicles, weapons, and large-scale mayhem we all know and love from the series.

Early buzz around playtesting has been mixed, but positives include impressive environmental damage, several exciting vehicles, and classic maps from previous entries in the series. Battlefield Mobile is developed by Industrial Toys, led by Alex Seropian, an original Bungie co-founder, and is slated for release in 2022. It will be free-to-play, and purchases will only exist for cosmetic items. However, the game will not support cross-platform play.


Screenshot of the character from the video game Valorant/

(Image credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games’ 5v5 tactical FPS game VALORANT has taken the world by storm since its release in 2020, and honestly, the hype is far from settled. The game is directly inspired by Counter-Strike, the eSports-happy free-to-play shooter that has reigned supreme on Microsoft Windows since its debut. During the special celebration of VALORANT’s first year, Riot Games announced that the title would see a mobile port in 2022. We just don’t know what day that will happen.

A beta version of the title is set to release this summer, though Riot Games has been quiet on mobile updates since its initial announcement. Due to the silence, it’s a safe bet that VALORANT could miss its proposed 2022 release date and be pushed back to 2023, but like most popular mobile ports, only time will tell.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is another reimagining of one of the most formative Millennial PlayStation 1 games, only this time it’s mobile. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will offer a free single-player experience that tells the stories of the FFVII canon games: Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus, as well as the 2005 film, Advent Children. The game will release in monthly installments, and players will be able to play through Final Fantasy VII timelines, jumping between integers.

Writer Kazushige Nojima told Famitsu that he will include scenarios from last year’s iOS battle royale game Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier in the title, as well as childhood stories for select FFVII characters. The game is said to include lootboxes to unlock random weapons and costumes, and will be a chibi version of the FFVII series. No word yet on the game’s official worldwide release.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

Square-Enix and JRPG fans will be pleased to hear that an exclusive Octopath Traveler prequel is set to arrive later this year. And guess what? It has an official release date.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent will be free to all Google Play and Apple users using their best iPhone, with in-app purchases available as the game’s story unfolds. The game takes place before the events of the original Nintendo Switch and PC game, and unlike the first title, Champions of the Continent will allow up to eight characters to participate in battles at once. Touchscreen controls have been added to allow players to swipe and tap controls, while field controls from the original title will return.

Champions of the Continent originally released in Japan in October 2020. It is set to release on Android and iOS on July 27 and is available for pre-order now.


Dutch studio RageSquid originally released its cycling game Descenders for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One in 2019, ported it to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch the following year, and then to Xbox Series X and Series S. Now it’s on set to bring its wild ATV antics to mobile devices in August, and we couldn’t be more excited.

For the uninitiated: Descenders is a downhill mountain biking game that takes direct inspiration from the physics of Skateboarding and introduces procedurally generated levels for players to conquer. Players must balance and pedal downhill at breakneck speeds, nailing tricks and challenges along the way. The game features a wide range of objectives and, just like Skate, a rewarding way to throw your body past obstacles.

The game is coming to mobile devices on August 4, and it’s available for pre-order now.

So many exciting iOS games to look forward to

And that’s all we know so far about the best upcoming iOS games. As mentioned earlier, mobile games tend to have ever-changing release dates and a slew of misinformation surrounding them, but we’ve rounded up those that are either certain to arrive this year or most likely to. When these games debut, time will tell if they will join the ranks of some of the best iPhone games.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled for pre-order availability and new release date information, which we’ll be sure to update here.

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