ACD / Labs launches browser-based NMR processing application

Spectrus JS (JavaScript) is the first commercially available browser-based application for processing 1D and 2D NMR data

ACD / Labs, an IT company with more than 26 years of expertise in providing analytical and chemical knowledge management solutions for R&D, today announced the launch of a new browser-based application, Spectrus JS . This new cross-platform application will run on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems to process NMR data from all major NMR instrument vendors.

Spectrus JS (JavaScript) only requires browser access and an internet connection to enable processing and interpretation of NMR data from anywhere at any time. Such an application has been absent from the software portfolio available to researchers in the modern laboratory.

Spectrus JS is part of the ACD / Spectrus product portfolio. It introduces server-side processing for NMR and extends the cloud capabilities of this platform. The Spectrus platform supports all types of analytical techniques and is paired with proven knowledge management and targeted workflow applications.

“Scientists need convenient access to processing and analytical capabilities. This need has become even more critical in light of global social distancing measures. This new browser-based client application allows easy access to these processing and analysis capabilities, even away from the spectrometer, ”said Andrew Anderson, vice president of innovation and IT strategy, ACD / Labs.

Introducing Spectrus JS
Spectrus JS is an intuitive browser-based 1D and 2D NMR data processing and interpretation application.

“ACD / Labs has a rich history in providing advanced software for processing NMR data. Accurate NMR spectral prediction is the foundation of all advanced NMR data analysis, and our NMR predictors are universally recognized as the best in the business. Our Structure Elucidator product is unmatched in the CASE expert systems available. With the release of Spectrus JS, we are going even further. We offer the NMR community the ability to use ACD / Labs state-of-the-art processing algorithms in a modern, easy-to-use interface, accessible by any device with a browser and Internet access. », Commented Dimitris Argyropoulos, NMR sales manager, ACD / Labs.

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