Akamai Unveils Machine Learning that Intelligently Automates Application and API Protections, Reduces Load on Security Professionals

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the world’s most trusted solution for protecting and delivering digital experiences, today announces platform security enhancements to enhance protection for web applications, API and user accounts. Akamai Machine Learning pulls insights into malicious activity from over 1.3 billion daily customer interactions to intelligently automate threat detections, time-consuming tasks, and security logic to help professionals to make faster, more reliable decisions about cyber threats.

In his May 9 Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2021 report, Forrester believes that due to “reasons exacerbated by COVID-19 and the resulting growth in digital interactions, identity theft and account takeovers have increased by at least 10% to 15% from 2019 to 2020 ”. Leading Global Research & Consulting Firm Notes We Should “Expect Another 8-10% Increase in Identity Theft and ATO [account takeover] fraud in 2021. ”As threat actors increasingly use automation to compromise systems and applications, security professionals also need to automate parallel defenses against these attacks to manage cyber threats at the pace.

New security enhancements for the Akamai platform include:

Adaptive security engine for Akamai’s Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solutions, Kona Site Defender and Web Application Protector, is designed to automatically scale protections to the scale and sophistication of attacks, while reducing effort maintenance and policy adjustment. The Adaptive Security Engine combines proprietary anomaly risk scoring with adaptive threat profiling to identify highly targeted, evasive and stealthy attacks. Dynamic security logic intelligently adjusts its defensive aggressiveness based on automatically correlated threat information for each customer’s unique traffic. Auto-tuning uses machine learning, statistical models, and heuristics to analyze all the triggers for each strategy to accurately differentiate between true and false positives.

Protection against audience hacking has been added to Akamai Page Integrity Manager to detect and block real-time malicious activity from client-side attacks using JavaScript, advertiser networks, browser plug-ins and extensions targeting customers Web. Audience Hijacking Protection is designed to use machine learning to quickly identify vulnerable resources, detect suspicious behavior, and block unwanted ads, pop-ups, affiliate fraud, and more. malicious activity aimed at hijacking your audience.

Bot Score and JavaScript Obfuscation were added to Akamai Bot Manager, laying the groundwork for continued innovations in adversarial bot management, including the ability to take action against bots aligned with business risk tolerance. Bot Score automatically learns unique bot and traffic patterns, and self-adjusts for long-term efficiency; JavaScript Obfuscation dynamically modifies detections to prevent bot operators from performing reverse engineered detections.

Akamai Account Protector is a new solution designed to proactively identify and block human fraudulent activity such as account hack attacks. Using advanced machine learning, behavioral analytics, and reputation heuristics, Account Protector intelligently assesses each connection request across multiple risk and trust signals to determine whether it is from a legitimate user or of an imitator. This capability complements Akamai’s bot mitigation to provide effective protection against malicious human actors and automated threats.

“At Akamai, our latest platform release is intended to help resolve the tension between security and ease of use, with key features around automation and machine learning specifically designed to intelligently increase human decision-making, ”said Aparna Rayasam, senior vice president and general manager, Application Security, Akamai. “Intelligent automation adds immediate value and gives users the right tools to generate information and context to make faster, more reliable decisions, transparently, while anticipating what attackers might do next. “

For more information on Akamai Edge Security solutions, visit our Platform update page.

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