All games coming to Apple Arcade in June 2022

We’re about to end May, and Apple has been kind enough to provide us with some information on what’s coming to its premium gaming service next month. Though there is While there aren’t as many titles as May brought us, there’s a chance more games will be announced throughout the month.

Three new Arcade Originals and an App Store Great will join Apple Arcade in June. They seem to be spread throughout the month to keep us busy. More importantly, they’re as varied as it gets, so if you’re into puzzles, cooking, or shooting games, you’ll probably want to read further.

The first Arcade Originals joining Apple Arcade comes out on June 3 and is called Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins. The name probably doesn’t make it clear, but this is a three-dimensional puzzle game where players must guide the protagonist, Fogger, through 100 stages filled with traps and enemies. If that doesn’t help much, maybe the fact that it’s the sequel to the hit Apple Arcade game Frogger in Toy Town will paint a better picture.

Next is a very popular Japanese video game franchise called Mom Kitchen: Kitchen. As the name suggests, this is a game where you will have to unlock recipes and cook them to perfection. The good news is that Cooking Mama: Kitchen comes with a twist that should set it apart from other games in the same genre.

Instead of selecting a recipe, players must first choose ingredients, find a combination that works together, and then start cooking. It should be mentioned though that the only way to know what is served with the selected ingredients is to cook it. Cooking Mama: Cuisine is slated for release on Apple Arcade on June 17.

The third and final title from Arcade Originals, air tornado, set to arrive on June 24. This is an endless shooter that promises a fun, easy-to-swipe game mechanic on the touchscreen and cleverly designed stages, so if you like the genre, you should probably give this one a try. It should be added that it is the creation of Yu Suzuki, the mastermind behind the Shenmue series, a very popular JRPG (Japanese role-playing game).

To finish, Jigsaw+, the new and improved version of Jigsaw Puzzle is coming to Apple Arcade on June 10. Perhaps many of you recognize the name of the game which features one of the largest collections of puzzles from iconic brands like Hasbro, Disney and many more. For puzzle collectors, this is surely a goldmine.

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