Amazon Alexa Canceled: How to Download Your Data Before Deleting an Alexa Account

After more than two decades, Amazon is officially shutting down its Internet service Alexa by May 1, 2022. Users are recommended to upload their data, cancel their subscription, and delete their account before the date.

Most internet users are probably familiar with Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service used on smart devices. However, prior to its inception, Amazon purchased an internet service known as Alexa Rank. To clarify, Amazon will shut down the internet service and not the cloud-based voice service.

According to The Verge, Alexa Rank is popularly known as a digital assistant for web ranking. It extrapolates data from popular websites to track their internet activity. Users can also use its browser extension to install unique traffic monitoring software. Unfortunately, its usefulness is about to come to an end.

Amazon Alexa Internet is shutting down

In the announcement, the Alexa team said, “Twenty-five years ago, we founded Alexa Internet. After two decades of helping you find, reach and convert your digital audience, we made the tough decision. to remove on May 1, 2022. “

The team behind the platform also thanked the users who used it for content research, competitive analysis, keyword research, website ranking and other tasks. However, its stop date is a blatant reminder that all data will be deleted after the deadline, so users should save their searches as soon as possible.

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Alexa website ranking: how to export data and delete an Alexa account

Alexa updated her official website with Stop Reminders pinned to the top of the webpage.

Fortunately, the website will remain open for a few more weeks, so detailed instructions for accessing and deleting an account can be found on Alexa Support. These instructions are also listed below.

How to export data from Alexa

There are many types of data in Alexa. For most of them, users can download the information by clicking on the “download icon”, which is represented by an arrow pointing down.

If this method does not work, try searching for the “Export CSV” button. This should automatically download all data saved to the account.

How to cancel the Alexa subscription

After downloading the data that users need, they should unsubscribe from the service. Here are the steps to cancel a non-Agency subscription and an Agency subscription:

  • Non-branch subscription: open “Account management”, log in to the account, select “Cancel subscription” and confirm.
  • Agency subscription: open “Project Hub”, log in to the administrator account and the agency, open “Account settings” and select “Cancel plan”. Click on “Cancel my subscription” to complete the process.

How to remove Alexa

After downloading the data and canceling the subscription service, users can now proceed to delete their accounts. To do this, users must submit a support request to the website.

For special circumstances where users wish to delete their account under California Consumer Privacy, they should submit their request to this address:

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