Apple Arcade’s latest games are ridiculously fun and charming

If you use an iPhone or iPad and like to play games, Apple Arcade is the best value for money. For just $5 a month, you get a carefully curated collection of games with no ads or in-game purchases, so you can experience all of the content without having to worry about hidden costs or MTXs (micro-transactions). Apple Arcade adds new games every month, and many games already available to subscribers are constantly updated with new content. Although it’s been a very busy month for gamers, as many highly anticipated titles are due out in February (Dying Light 2, Sifu, Lost Ark, Horizon Forbidden West, Total War: Warhammer 3, Elden Ring), there’s still time to fit a short gaming session on your favorite iPhone or iPad. Four new games are joining Apple Arcade’s library in February, and while I’ve played a few of them, knowing how good the curation process is, I can’t recommend them highly enough. But let’s start with the first game that joined Apple Arcade on February 4, Bridge Constructor+.

A physics-based puzzle-simulation game originally released on PC over 10 years ago, Bridge Constructor+ is every budding engineer’s dream. Kidding aside, Bridge Constructor is pretty faithful to the engineering and architecture of bridges, so you’ll be able to express your ingenuity by designing and creating intricate bridges for cars and trucks to cross.

On the plus side, the iOS version of the game includes all the content, updates and DLCs already released on PC, without any in-app purchases. The folks at Headup also revealed that their game has “multiple different settings and over 100 levels to master the art of building bridges using different materials and constructions to ensure they won’t warp and break under the weight of on-going traffic.”

Moving on to the second game coming to Apple Arcade on February 18, Wylde Flowers is a non-combat game inspired by The Sims and FarmVille, but with a “witch twist.” That’s hardly surprising given that Studio Drydock, a new development team based in Australia, was founded by two industry veterans with a combined 20 years of experience at EA working on titles like The Sims.

The best way to describe Wylde Flowers is “comfortable living and farming simulation“, so if you like to grind a little before you go to sleep or during commutes, this seems like the perfect game. Wylde Flowers promises a charming world of diverse people and magical spells, which set the stage for the game’s great mystery. .

While during the day you’ll tend to crops, tend to animals, fish, do crafts, and do other farm-related activities, at night you’ll nurture your inner witch by learning to ride your broom, brew potions, control the weather and seasons or even transform into a cat. It looks like an interesting twist on the typical FarmVille game, but I can’t help but think the game should have been called Farming Adventures of Sabrina.

Bloons TD 6+ is an extremely popular tower defense game that debuted on Android and iOS in 2018. Ninja Kiwi is bringing its game to Apple Arcade on February 11, so players can try to find the perfect defense from of a combination of monkey tricks, upgrades, heroes and activated abilities.

We’ve been told that in addition to the more than 50 maps available in single-player mode, you’ll be able to dive into several additional game modes, including 4-player co-op, where you can experience each map and mode with up to three others. players in public or private games. Plus, if you think you’re up to the challenge, you can try Boss Events, where the fearsome Bloons boss will challenge even the toughest defenses.

Last but not least, Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is another nice surprise that can’t really be categorized into just one genre. It’s a “eco adventure about freedom and survivalsays developer Broken Rules. Now, this has nothing to do with the infamous Bored Apes that all the celebrities love to brag about these days, but as the name suggests, you’ll actually play as a lost gibbon and try to master a dynamic motion system to swing, slide and tumble through the jungle.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees feels like an adventure with platforming elements, though the developers also promise a narrative that “captures the struggle of living creatures around the world.” If you reach that point in life where you feel like you absolutely have to swing from tree to tree in a hand-painted jungle just to get some stress out, remember that Gibbon: Beyond the trees is only two pats (or swings?!) away.

Lots of new content is also launching this month for some of the most popular games already available on Apple Arcade. For example, What The Golf? receives a new update which includes 14 new levels, daily theme packs, seven new recurring leaderboards and seven new achievements, as well as new unlockable prizes.

My favorite, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, is getting a new seasonal event called Ball of Roses. If you hadn’t guessed it already, this is the game’s Valentine’s Day update, which will also include new weapons and armor, as well as themed content.

One of the best pinball games, Zen Pinball Party will be updated with a classic original pinball table from Zen Studios. Seasonal community events will also be added, along with a new cooperative game mode.

Finally, Zookeeper World, the match-3 puzzle game with simulation features, adds 25 new puzzle stages and new mini-game content.

If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, expect massive updates this month for other games as well, including Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis, Fruit Ninja Classic, Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure, SP! NG, Simon’s Cat and Crayola Create and Play.

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