Are the Peacock World Cup matches in English?

Peacock broadcasts all 64 World Cup matches. The streaming service also has shoulder programming on either side of the kickoffs.

However, Peacock World Cup matches are not In English. Instead, all World Cup coverage available through Peacock is in Spanish. This includes the actual broadcasts of all 64 matches.

This extends to the fact that Telemundo and Universo have exclusive Spanish language rights to the World Cup in the United States. Along with those that fall under the NBCUniversal family of channels, the company’s paid streaming service offers the option to watch. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price.

Peacock costs just $4.99 per month, a bargain compared to more extensive streaming options like fuboTV, YouTube TV, or even Sling. While these options certainly offer more options in general for content, Peacock is perhaps the most affordable way for cord cutters to watch the World Cup.

Remember that the World Cup on Peacock is not in English. All commentary, analysis, charts and more are in Spanish. If you speak Spanish then there is no competition for Peacock. However, if you need the English shows, there are ways to save money by using Peacock.

Watch the World Cup on Peacock in English

This forces you to use two services at once. For the TV side and the audience, Peacock is all you need. However, you can sync the English World Cup radio broadcasts with what you see on your TV.

BBC Radio 5 Live offers radio broadcasts from the games (available through the ExpressVPN service). The same goes for TalkSPORT or the FOX Sports channel on SiriusXM. Once you’re listening to the World Cup on the radio, line that up with the Peacock app by pausing the game or radio show. Once synced, you watch the World Cup in English, but using the Spanish broadcast on Peacock.


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