Battlefield 3 Reality Mod is now available for download

A new Battlefield 3 mod that overhauls the original title’s gameplay and UI is now available for download, giving fans a more tactical experience.

While there have been many Battlefield titles since Battlefield 3 originally launched, for many fans none of the more recent games lived up to the 2011 release. For some, Battlefield 3 is where the franchise set its standard, and recent entries into the Battlefield the franchise fell short. With the critical launch of Battlefield 2042 Still fresh in the minds of fans, a team of modders decided to give one of the oldest games in the series a fresh start.


This is where the Battlefield 3 The Reality mod comes into play. Inspired by the Reality project for battlefield 2, the Reality mod takes the original game and completely overhauls some key elements. The user interface, for example, is entirely different from that of Battlefield 3, giving players fewer items on their screen to enhance the tactical experience. Gameplay will also have a more tactical focus, which will provide a more “meaningful” experience, according to the developers behind the game. Reality mode.

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Along with key changes to gameplay and UI, a new day and night cycle will be introduced, along with additional models, maps, and plenty of other content for the original game. Although the modding team promises a more tactical experience, Battlefield 3The Reality mod will also allow 100+ people on a single server which means some of that typical Battlefield chaos could also feature if players were so inclined. With fans still disappointed with DICE and EA’s handling of Battlefield 2042they will probably be happy to turn to these community projects if they want a Battlefield experience more related to the origins of the franchise. Anyone looking to download the Battlefield 3 The Reality mod can do this now from the Venice Unleashed website.

Venice Unleashed is another ambitious Battlefield 3 mod which had been in development for just under five years before being released in late 2020. It added editable private servers to Battlefield 3allowing other modders to make larger changes, as seen in the release of the Battlefield 3 Reality mode.

While there were rumors of a potential Battlefield 3 remastered last year, it seems less and less likely now that one will be released. DICE has repeatedly stated that it is always focused on improving the experience of Battlefield 2042hoping to fix the reputation of this game before the release of the next one Battlefield Title. With the future of the series seemingly only moving away from games like Battlefield 3the Reality mod may give players of the 2011 franchise favorite another nostalgic reminder of what made this game so great.

Battlefield 3 is available now on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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