Blockchain app platform launches second DeFi and GameFi-focused hackathon


Hackathons have grown in popularity in the crypto space as the hunt for talent continues.

Lisk, a blockchain application platform, is launching its second HackOnLisk event, where developers will have the opportunity to create a blockchain application with the latest Lisk SDK following its July hackathon.

This time they are celebrating the new Mainnet v3 and would like the developers to focus on the areas of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and GameFi.

DeFi applications to consider include Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Lending, and Stable Coin projects. GameFi (game financialization) applications include blockchain games and collectibles. For HackOnLisk2, there is a total of $ 60,000 in prizes to be won.

Following the success of their very first HackonLisk which gave them the opportunity to contact the existing blockchain developer community, they are ready to invite new and old participants to join HackOnLisk2.


Participants have the option of building a blockchain application with the latest Lisk SDK using JavaScript in one of two given categories: DeFi and GameFi.

“HackOnLisk2 gives developers the ability to create their own blockchain application for any of the given categories, DeFi or GameFi, and win prizes worth $ 60,000. Lisk not only provides a user-friendly SDK, but also the right resources to create for any developer, their project in just a few weeks, ”shares the project.

Following the previous success

For the inaugural HackonLisk event, the platform offered attendees eight categories to choose from: Loan, Stablecoins, NFT Marketplaces, Collectibles, Prediction Markets, Social Networks, DAO, and Oracles.

The winners were announced live on YouTube with prizes worth a total of $ 33,000 paid in LSK tokens, as well as other non-cash prizes. The first prize of $ 10,000 went to Journals, a research center where news focuses on user collaboration and artificial intelligence. Contributors directly share in the profits generated by the popularity of a news event through quadratic funding.

Submission guidelines

The deadline for submitting blockchain applications for HackOnLisk2 is November 15.

The judgment criteria are evenly distributed between the contribution to the Lisk ecosystem, the originality of the application, the technical difficulty and the user experience. Lisk Community Choice Award prizes will be determined by the number of likes and engagement rate on the YouTube videos submitted by participants.

Future plans

The Lisk Foundation offer other funding opportunities of up to $ 1.3 million as part of their grant program.

The Lisk team creates an ecosystem of interoperable blockchain applications and services built with the Lisk SDK and supported by the LSK token. They imagine a world in which everyone benefits from blockchain and are excited to play a role in the future.

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