Bloodborne’s PSX demake is finally available for download

For just over a year, an independent developer has been working on a demake of FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, and it’s finally available for download.

A screenshot from the PlayStation 1-style demake of Bloodborne.

In an age that seems obsessed with remakes, studios are eager to take something beloved and classic and bring it into the modern world with a fresh look and new engines. Then there are “demakes”, which essentially do the opposite by taking a newer title and turning it into something that looks retro. A fan showed what an SNES-style version of BioShock Infinitee might look like, and then there’s the transmitted by blood demake, which is finally out.


Lilith Walther, also known as handle b0tster, worked on the transmitted by blood a fan project for just over a year now, and recently announced that its PSX-style version of the game is currently available for download. Along with the game itself, she also unveiled a launch trailer, which shows off the visuals of the retro action RPG. Fans interested in this demake can pick it up on the creator’s page. On her Twitter, she thanked everyone who had shown her support during the “last 13 months” of development.

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The game has been on some fans’ radars for a while, with gameplay footage from transmitted by blood PSX released last October, to whet the whistles of would-be gamers and show off the impressive work Walther had put into the game at that time. What’s even better is the fact that, according to the download page, the game supports gamepad as well as PC controls, which makes sense considering the original game was exclusive to the PS4. , but it’s definitely a nice touch from the developer to make it better suited to console gamers who might not be used to playing with mouse and keyboard.

Walther also added some additional features. At the end of last year, Bloodborne PSX had cheats added, as well as a fully functional keyboard. It shows that the creator has worked hard not only to give the beloved 2015 game a retro look, but also to implement a lot of extras. It must be said at this point, however, that this is not a demake of the complete original game. Walther said his version depicted the first hours of the original, rather than the full game.

Many indie modders and developers often find themselves in hot water, such as when Take-Two sued fans for reverse engineering GTA Games. It’s understandable that people don’t want to incur the wrath of bigwigs. It looks like Walther’s work will be seen by many as a fantastic homage to the original.

Bloodborne PSX is now available on, while the original transmitted by blood is available on PlayStation 4.

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Source: (download page), Twitter

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