Controversial 1Password 8 update for Mac is now available for download

Fans of popular password creation and management tool 1Password now have a new version of the company’s Mac app to try. 1Password 8 for Mac is now available for download and comes with a lot of improvements, but it won’t be for everyone.

As for novelties, there are plenty. 1Password now looks more modern and fresh than ever and is quite the first-class macOS Monterey citizen. The new look is codenamed Knox and allows for a more consistent look across all 1Password apps, regardless of platform.

1Password 8 also features Quick Access, an “always-on floating panel, giving you access to all your 1Password data, wherever you are.” Think Spotlight but for your passwords and you won’t be too far off.

The new update also promises a new Watchtower update which adds something called the Watchtower Dashboard. This is a new overview of your current password situation, showing you how secure your passwords are at the vault level. You’ll even get a grade to show how you’re doing. Remember that strong, unique passwords are the order of the day, folks!

If all of this sounds good, that’s because it is. But there’s one thing that 1Password doesn’t make much of after receiving criticism during the beta testing period – 1Password 8 isn’t a native app, unlike the versions that came before it. The new app was built using Electron and has a Rust-powered back-end. This is something that most people probably won’t notice or, in fact, even care if they do. But it’s something that makes 1Password 8 feel different in ways that can be difficult to put your finger on.

That aside, 1Password 8 is a solid update and you can download it now. If you subscribe to 1Password, you get the upgrade for free while 1Password has shared an upgrade guide for everyone else.

1Password has long been one of the best Mac apps for managing passwords and this new update is no different. Electron or not.

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