Court rejects request by ANC NW members to have provincial conference declared illegal – SABC News

The North West Mahikeng High Court has dismissed with costs an urgent application by aggrieved members of the African National Congress (ANC) who sought to declare the ANC’s 9th Provincial Conference illegal.

Party members served both the National Executive Committee of the ANC as well as newly elected provincial officials with court papers.

They disputed the outcome of the provincial conference, whose legitimacy they questioned.

According to the aggrieved members, there were irregularities at the provincial conference held in Rustenburg two weeks ago.

They wanted the court to ban the second leg of the provincial conference which was to be held next weekend.

Journalist Tebogoi Phakedi updates the court:

Judicial request

When he received documents earlier this week, provincial party secretary Louis Diremelo said: ‘Yes indeed we have received these particular court documents and we will indeed respond to them accordingly. The ANC, even the national headquarters, takes these particular issues very seriously.

In a document of about 243 pages in the possession of SABC News, the aggrieved members named the ANC, the party’s National Executive Committee, the Electoral Committee and the five North West officials as respondents.

They wanted the court to declare the decision of the provincial conference null and void and to have the five elected officials banned and barred from holding any office.

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