Cross-Platform Kotlin by Tutorials (Razeware)

This book is for mobile developers and managers who want to explore how they can use Kotlin Multiplatform to share code across Android, iOS, and desktop apps. Raywenderlich’s tutorial team shows how to reduce development and testing time by writing parts of your applications only once.

Author: Raywenderlich Tutorial Team
Publisher: Razware
Date: March 2022
Pages: 485
ISBN: 978-1950325627
Print: 1950325628
Audience: Kotlin Developers
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Category: Other languages

Topics Covered:

  • Jetpack Compose Android: Use Android’s latest UI toolkit to quickly rotate UI for different screens of your Android app.
  • Compose Multiplatform: Use the concepts you learned in Jetpack Compose Android to develop UI for desktop applications.
  • SwiftUI: Learn how to develop UI for iOS and macOS apps entirely in Swift.
  • Tests: Make your code reliable by writing tests for common code as well as platform-specific code.
  • Koin: Learn about dependency injection and how you can use Koin to implement dependency injection in cross-platform applications.
  • SQLDelight: Create a common persistence layer for your cross-platform applications while enjoying the benefits of compile-time security for schemas, statements, and migrations.
  • Serialization: Learn about the different serialization formats and how you can use them to parse JSON data retrieved from the Internet.
  • Ktor: Implement a common network layer with support for platform-specific HTTP clients.
  • Coroutines: Learn about concurrency of structures and considerations to keep in mind when using coroutines on different platforms.

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