Discord on Xbox: How to Download and Use Voice Chat on Xbox Consoles

After years of hoping Discord would come to Xbox consoles, fans are finally getting their wish. Recently, Microsoft and Discord announced that Xbox gamers will soon be able to chat with friends on Discord by forwarding calls to their console (some Xbox Insiders can use the feature now). This integration will completely remove the communication barrier between Xbox and one of the world’s most popular voice chat programs, making it easier than ever to chat with friends online, whether they’re on Xbox or PC.

If you’re curious about how you can take advantage of this integration, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of everything you need to know about Discord on Xbox, including how to download it, how to log in, and when the feature is officially launching for the entire Xbox userbase.

How to Download Discord on Xbox

Before you can switch to a Discord call on your Xbox console, you’ll need to download a handful of apps and connect your Discord and Xbox accounts. You’ll also need to be a member of the Xbox Insider program, which requires you to install the Xbox Insider Pack (opens in a new tab) and accept the Xbox Insider Program Agreement that appears when you first open the Xbox Insider Hub app.

Not every Xbox Insider will get early access to the Discord integration on Xbox, although Microsoft has confirmed that the feature will “expand more in the coming weeks”. It is currently limited to Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead testerswith wider availability expected to follow before public release.

Here’s how to get everything you need to use Discord on Xbox:

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  1. Download and install it Discord app on a Deskthe iOS app store (opens in a new tab)or the AndroidGoogle Play Store.
  2. In the Discord app, log into your Discord account.
  3. Download and install it Xbox app on the iOS app store (opens in a new tab) or the AndroidGoogle Play Store.
  4. In the Xbox app, sign in to your Xbox account.
  5. Back on your Xbox, go to Parties and discussions tab from the Xbox Guide menu and select the Try Discord on Xbox banner.
  6. Scan the QR code using the Discord QR code scanning option found in the mobile app settings. This may prompt you to join Discord’s beta program on Google Play, until it goes public.
  7. Follow the on-screen steps to sign in with your Xbox account and allow Discord to sign in with your Xbox account.

    REMARK: A bug may interrupt the flow between app authentication from your browser and the Discord app at the time of writing.

    To fix this, open your Discord app settings (long press the app icon on Android and select Application Informationthen go to Define by defaultselect Supported web addressesand make sure discord.com and *.discord.com are checked.

    This will fix the authentication flow from the Discord app to your web browser to sign in to Xbox and then back to the Discord app.

You now have everything you need downloaded, along with the hook between your Discord and Xbox accounts needed to get Discord voice chat working on your Xbox console.

How to Use Discord on Xbox

Now that you have the Discord and Xbox apps ready to go, the process of using Discord on your Xbox is quick and easy. Here’s how:

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  1. On the Discord app, select a voice channel to join.
  2. Select the Join on Xbox option.
  3. The Xbox mobile app will automatically open and ask you to confirm that you want to forward the voice call to your Xbox. Select Transfer Audio.
  4. You are connected ! If you ever want to transfer your call to your original device, select Transfer voice to this device.

When using Discord on Xbox, you can take advantage of several options. These include the ability to adjust the volume or mute individual party members in the Discord call, enable a Discord overlay that shows you who’s talking while you’re in-game, and toggle between your Discord call and the regular Xbox game chat.

Release date: When is Discord coming to Xbox?

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It’s great that Discord voice chat is coming to Xbox consoles, but when will the feature be available for everyone and not just Xbox Insiders? According to Discord’s official announcement regarding its partnership with Microsoft, fans can expect Discord voice chat on Xbox to launch later this year. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s announcement notes that Discord on Xbox “will soon be available to everyone.” At the moment it’s just related to Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Xbox Insiders.

Based on these statements, we expect everyone to be able to use Discord on Xbox within the next few months. We won’t know for sure until Microsoft and/or Discord provide a more concrete release date, but we’ll update this article when they do. In the meantime, we recommend getting one of the best Xbox headsets so your Discord friends can hear you loud and clear when the feature rolls out.

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