Download Fall Guys on Steam: is the free version being phased out?

Fans are wondering how to download fall guys free version on steam. After the big update which changed the payment model of the game, it is not found in the store. So, many are wondering if Fall Guys has been delisted on Steam.

Can you download Fall Guys on Steam, or is it delisted?

You can download Fall Guys on Steam, but only if you owned the game before the free update went live. As of June 21, it has been removed from Steam and new players cannot add it to their libraries.

Epic Games purchased developer Fall Guys in March 2021. Since then, the company has been a subsidiary, but development of the game has continued as normal. However, last month Mediatonic announced that it would switch to a free model. Many assumed that Epic Games would do the same as with Rocket League and make it exclusive to its digital storefront on PC, and that’s precisely what happened.

Epic Games has shown that it doesn’t like to split its share when it comes to selling microtransactions. So it’s no surprise that the company makes it exclusive to the Epic Game Store, where it doesn’t have to give up 30% of its revenue. Fortunately, the game will still be supported on Steam and will receive the latest updates along with the EGS release. It also features cross-play and cross-progression just like on other platforms.

To download Fall Guys on Steam, you will need to have purchased it before June 21. Then go to your Steam library and find it in the list. You should then be able to install it like you would any other game. You should also get the Legacy Pack when you first log in if you purchased the game. Once installed, it should update as usually in the future.

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