Download ‘The Day We Fought Space’ today, destroy them on iPhone and iPad

Source: Tursiops Truncatus Studios

The Day We Fought Space is a new “destroy them with spiraling chain reactions” game for iPhone and iPad and you can download it today from the App Store.

The new game will be immediately familiar to fans of side-scrolling shooters and will see players battling hordes of enemies as they fight to reclaim the planet. The Day We Fought Space is all about using physics to your advantage, as you “create dynamic, powerful chain explosions that send enemies plummeting.”

If this sounds as fun, wait till you see the game in action. It’s trailer time!


  • Dozens of wacky, destructive weapons to customize your spaceship, from wacky pinball launchers to wrecking balls
  • Fight enemies in three different worlds, each with their own environmental challenges
  • Create massive destruction with physics-fueled spiraling chain reactions that cause a domino effect to take down your enemy
  • Highly tactile two-handed control scheme, designed for visceral immersion and pinpoint precision
  • Procedurally generated missions challenge players to react and adapt
  • Retro-futuristic art style that pays homage to the golden age of sci-fi comics and pulp novels
  • Various characters tell the story of the human race reclaiming the land
  • Gritty and fast soundtrack from Venus In Furs

Unlike so many games in the App Store, this one has no in-app purchases and costs a one-time purchase price of $3.99. You can download The Day We Fought Space from the App Store on iPhone and iPad now.

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