Download your Google Hangouts data before it’s too late

Google Hangouts has a clock hanging over its head and is about to shut down for good. Luckily, you can move your Google Hangouts data by downloading and protecting it locally. This guide will tell you exactly how to do it.

When does Google Hangouts stop?

Plans to shut down Google Hangouts and replace it with another messaging app from Google have been in place since 2019. The company announced that Google Chat would replace Hangouts and all users would eventually transition to the new app.

Just recently, an initiative to move users to Google Chat began, with some starting to see prompts to switch to the replacement app when opening and using Hangouts. Google expects that to take some time, giving users at least until October 2022, when Hangouts will begin the final stages of its shutdown process.

Where can I store my data?

Google has already started the process of migrating user data to Google Chat from Hangouts. This process is done in the background and you probably already have your data in Google Chat. As the process unfolds, Google says most of the data will be moved around so you can pick up where you left off.

However, Google also said that “certain conversations or parts of conversations will not automatically migrate from Hangouts to Chat.” Affected users will see an email from Google regarding this issue.

Before Hangouts closes, we recommend that you store your Hangouts data locally. This is especially important if you have years of conversations and data that shouldn’t be at risk of not migrating successfully.

If this happens and Hangouts closes before you can store that data, it will be lost. Using Google Takeout, you can export and download this data and save it locally until it’s time to import it into Google Chat. This is probably the safest way to ensure your chat history and media are saved.

How to store your Hangouts data with Google Takeout

Downloading your Google Hangouts data is quite simple. Here’s how:

  1. On your device, go to Google Takeout on the Web.
  2. Click on Unselect all at the top, because we only want to export Hangouts data.
  3. Scroll until you see Google Hangouts. Check the box to her right.
  4. Click or tap The next step.
  5. Since this is probably one of the last times you’ll use Hangouts, let Export once selected.
  6. Choose your file format in the drop-down menu as well as the maximum size per file.
  7. Click or tap Create an export.
  8. Wait for Google to create an export file. This process can take hours or even days. This process is done on the server side, so you can go away and check your email later for the file.
  9. Tap or click To download next to your export.

From there you’ll have a backup of your Google Hangouts data – you can’t import this data directly into Google Chat, but you can convert the JSON file to something readable if you want. The idea of ​​having a data backup is to ensure the safety of all the information you had on Google Hangouts.

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