Elden Ring: best mods to download

Best Elden Ring Mods: hard mode

Many players reject the idea of ​​difficulty modes in Soulsborne games on the grounds that they don’t like easy modes, but they forget that a difficulty slider could also provide an even greater challenge. Yes the devil may cry games can feature an extremely brutal mode that kills players in one hit, why not do it Ring of Elden present something similar?

Since Ring of Elden has no official hard(er) mode, modders created Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) mod. This unofficial patch greatly increases enemy stats. For example, enemies in an NG run will have equal health, stamina, damage, and defense as enemies in NG+. Additionally, each hostile creature in the game is smarter and more vigilant, as they can see and hear players from farther away. For now, this mod might be Soulsborne’s ultimate challenge.

Best Elden Ring Mods: PS5/PS4 Controller UI

Through the magic of cables, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, PC gamers can connect their Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch controllers to their gaming rigs and play Ring of Elden pretty much whatever they want. However, computer ports usually only have button prompts for keyboards and Xbox controllers, Ring of Elden included. The modders took it upon themselves to correct this oversight.

The PS5 PS4 controller UI mod is pretty self-explanatory; the unofficial patch replaces all internal texture files related to button prompts with those of the PS4 Dualshock and PS5 Dualsense controllers. The experience would be cosmetic if it didn’t actually help players figure out which buttons to press.

Best Elden Ring Mods: Repair the camera

It’s no secret that Ring of EldenThe camera sucks a bit. Many players complain about its bad behavior, especially when the character is moving. While the staff at FromSoftware might fix the game’s camera in a future update (or possible sequel), modders have already fixed the problem.

The Fix the Camera mod, true to its name, fixes Ring of Eldenintegrated camera system. In the vanilla experience, the camera spins lazily in an attempt to keep the characters centered on the screen, which is sure to give many players motion sickness. The mod, on the other hand, allows the camera to simply align the character towards the center of the screen, which not only looks smoother but also works faster than the unmodded camera. Hopefully, FromSoftware will take inspiration from this mod for future camera patches.

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