Elon Musk is building a machine to upload our brains and personalities

It’s a bit of fiction meeting reality.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, has ambitions for the future of humanity.

And the whimsical and visionary CEO of Tesla (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc report seems eager to realize this vision.

What the richest man in the world has in the boxes is likely to make more than one of his detractors bristle. Above all, it risks raising ethical questions. The billionaire says it will soon be possible to upload your brain abilities into humanoid robots.

“Can you imagine that one day we could upload our human brain capacity into an Optimus?” Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Business Insider parent company Axel Springer, asked Musk in a recent interview.

Optimus is a Tesla robot introduced in 2021.

“I think it’s possible,” Musk replied.

“Which would be a different way of living forever, because we would be uploading our personalities into a bot,” Döpfner continued.

Musk agreed, then added:

“Yes, we could download the things that we think make us so unique. Now, of course, if you’re not in this body anymore, that will definitely make a difference, but when it comes to preserving our memories, our personality, I think we could do that.”

Will you soon be able to transfer your brain?

When asked if it’s imminent, Musk doesn’t say no.

“I don’t know if there is a very clear border. I think it’s much smoother,” he said. “There are already so many calculations that we outsource. Our memories are stored in our phones and computers along with pictures and videos. Computers and phones amplify our ability to communicate, allowing us to do things that would have been considered magical.”

“We have already massively amplified our human brains with computers,” he said.

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The first Tesla robot, namely “Tesla Bot”, was introduced in August 2021. It was 5 feet and 8 inches tall and also weighed 125 pounds. In January, Musk called it “the most important product development we’re doing this year.”

Musk indicated in January’s fourth quarter earnings call that the next big thing Tesla is working on in 2022 is Optimus, a human in a robot suit that the company unveiled in August 2021. The Tesla Bot , as it has been dubbed, would use the same artificial intelligence systems that helped power Tesla vehicles, Musk said.

“I think the biggest product development we’re doing this year is actually the Optimus humanoid robot. That, I think, has the potential to be bigger than the vehicle business over time.” he told analysts. “If you think about economics, it’s – the foundation of economics is labor. Capital equipment is distilled labor. So what if you don’t actually have a shortage labor? I don’t even know what a saving means even then. That’s what Optimus is, it’s very important.”

Humanoid robots are here

In the interview, Musk assured that the humanoid robots were almost there.

“I certainly don’t want to have anything that could potentially be harmful to humanity. But humanoid robots do happen,” he said. “The advancement rate of the AI ​​is very fast.”

Besides their use in Tesla factories where they will perform repetitive tasks, Musk sees other uses for these robots.

“Optimus is kind of a general-purpose worker droid. The initial role should be in repetitive, boring, or dangerous work. Basically, work that people don’t want to do,” the billionaire explained.

He also believes that Optimus will play a role in our daily lives: Optimus is “a generalist humanoid”.

An Optimus prototype will be ready by the end of the year and Tesla plans to market it from 2023, Musk said.

“I think we’ll have something pretty good at the prototype level this year, and it could be ready for at least moderate volume production towards the end of next year,” Musk promised.

However, Musk admitted in 2018, too much automation is a “mistake”.

“Yes, excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake. To be precise, my mistake. Humans are underrated,” he wrote.

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