FaceCheck launches reverse image search application programming interface

FaceCheck, a leading provider of reverse image search and facial recognition technology, today announced the launch of its application programming interface (API) for reverse image facial recognition search.

Advanced Facial Recognition API SearchFaceCheck reverse image search technology is based on many years of research in computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company’s algorithms can accurately identify faces from images and videos, even when those images are low quality or contain facial obstructions such as hats, beards, masks or sunglasses.

Allow third-party developers to build facial recognition apps

The API will allow developers to integrate FaceCheck’s face search capabilities into their apps, portals and websites. The FaceCheck API offers a range of features, including the ability to search people by photo on social media, news and video websites and blogs, identify criminals, registered offenders and catfishing and scam profiles, and compare faces in different photos.

The API provides access to all features of the FaceCheck platform, including the ability to search for faces in images and videos, recognize faces, and find similar faces. The API allows developers to search FaceCheck’s vast database of social media profiles.

The API will allow developers to create custom apps using FaceCheck’s facial recognition technology. FaceCheck’s facial recognition technology is based on deep learning algorithms trained on millions of faces. This allows FaceCheck to accurately identify faces in a wide range of lighting conditions, facial expressions and angles. The launch of the FaceCheck API follows the recent launch of FaceCheck’s face search website, FaceCheck.ID.

FaceCheck spokesperson Lee Chong said, “The launch of our API marks an important milestone for FaceCheck. We can now offer our facial search technology to many developers. It will allow developers to harness our powerful facial recognition technology and use it to build innovative new applications in the open source intelligence (OSINT) space. We believe this will open up a whole new world of possibilities for how our facial recognition technology can be used. »

Reverse image facial search for all programming languages

The API is RESTful and uses the OpenAPI specification. This allows using programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, Swift and all others to run face search queries. The API is easy to use, with minimal code required to get started. Any developer can create a free account and run face search queries in minutes.

FaceCheck reverse image search API is a powerful tool for developers to create various new and innovative desktop programs, websites and mobile applications. The possibilities are many, whether used for personal due diligence, to identify criminals, catfishing or fake profiles, for security, law enforcement, open source intelligence purposes or simply to find lost friends.

For more information on the FaceCheck API, visit https://facecheck.id/Face-Search/API.

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