Fall Guys – download the new PS4 version to continue playing

A new version of Fall Guys is now available to download on PS4, as previously announced. Very soon, the original version of the game will stop working, so now is a good time to make the switch.


Last year the creators of Fall Guys, Mediatonic, were acquired by Epic and one of the consequences of this is that Fall Guys will soon be published by Epic rather than PlayStation on PS5 and PS4.

We don’t usually see that happen with games, especially in the age of live services. It’s likely that Epic and Mediatonic want to make technical changes to Fall Guys that simply aren’t possible with the existing client. There’s no information on what those changes are, with the devs teasing “a few tweaks under the hood.” Maybe it has something to do with the integration of cross-play between the PS4 and an increasing number of consoles.

Gamers on Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms might not have to wait long for the game to hit their systems. Mediatonic says it is “finalizing development” although no release date has been given.

In the meantime, here’s a handy breakdown of what’s coming to Fall Guys on PS4 over the next month:

  • Departure April 5the new PlayStation Launcher will be available on the PlayStation Store and will need to continue playing if you already own the game.
  • If you’re already a PS4/5 owner, the new PlayStation launcher should automatically appear in your game library and all content will transfer over. Just press the PS Library button when it appears!
  • Once you’ve downloaded the new launcher, we encourage you to delete the old one to free up storage space. After April 5the old launcher icon will be greyed out.
  • Claim your free Retro Shark outfit (available until the end of Season 6) via the DLC Store button on the game’s Store page and prepare for the glorious future of Fall Guys by downloading and installing the new launcher from the PlayStation ™ Store after April 5.

Of course, fans are dying to know when the next season is coming. There is no official release date for Fall Guys Season 7, although we expect it to arrive in mid-May.

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