Fall Guys free to play: where to download the multiplayer title, how to play it for free and version comparison

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was released on PS4 and PC to huge acclaim, to the point that it became the most downloaded PS Plus game to date. Over time, the situation changed and other titles took its place. Now, due to its release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch, the video game has been re-released as free-to-play.

Mediatonic’s crazy multiplayer game, featuring the wildest challenges, is releasing Season 1: Free for All. Here’s how to download it for free:

How to download and play Fall Guys for free

To enjoy Fall Guys for free, simply download it from any of the platforms where it is available. Since Season 6, it is required to have a free Epic Games account, so when you start the game, you will be prompted to enter your account information. If you do not have an account, it is possible to create one when the pop-up window appears.

How to get free items in Fall Guys

To get free items in Fall Guys, it is necessary to have pre-registered. Epic Games Store has announced a number of free items, which will be distributed based on the number of pre-registrations made:

  1. 500K. Registered. Keen Bean nameplate.
  2. 1M. Registered. 3,500 congratulations.
  3. 1.5M. Registered. Burgers pattern.
  4. 2M. Registered. Muscleman emote.
  5. 2.5M. Registered. Bowler head costume.

Differences Between Fall Guys Versions

There are a number of differences in the performance and resolution of Fall Guys, depending on the platform it is played from. In the following table we compare the different versions of Fall Guys:

Platform Resolution FPS
PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) Configurable/system dependent Configurable/system dependent
PlayStation 4 1080p 60
PlayStation 5 4K 60
Xbox One 1080p 30
Xbox One X 1080p 60
Xbox series S 1440p 60
Xbox series X 4K 60
nintendo switch 1080p (Dock Mode), 720p (Laptop Mode) 30 on Dock and Portable modes

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch and PC (Epic Games Store).

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