Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker early access: start time, download size, what you need to know

Prepare for raids.

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Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker will be released on December 7, but players can jump into the game starting Friday. Early access to the next expansion is available now for those who have already pre-ordered the new game.

Here’s everything you need to know about Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Early Access.

What is Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Early Access?

Endwalker is the latest expansion for Square Enix’s MMORPG, Final Fantasy 14. Its release is slated for Tuesday after a small delay in November. Players who have pre-ordered the expansion will be able to play the game ahead of its official release starting Friday. All new content and changes coming to the expansion will be available during Early Access, allowing players to start the game early.

When does the early access to Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker begin?

The start time was 1 a.m. PT (4 p.m. ET) Friday. Final Fantasy 14 subreddit players saw long wait times on some servers after updating from 10GB to 20GB. In some cases the queue lasted a few hours and resulted in a 2002 error message, which appears when the servers are congested. Expect to see long lines on Friday night when more players can jump into the game.

One issue gamers were seeing with Endwalker was the audio. Square Enix has added a new Immerse Spatial Audio add-on to deliver 360-degree sound. However, gamers noted various audio issues, from scrambled audio to combat sound effects, which did not work. Square Enix has listed some of the other issues that gamers have faced and when they will be resolved.

Early Access ends on December 10, requiring players to redeem their Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker code to continue playing with the new content.

How do I get access to Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Early Access?

Early Access is only available to those who have pre-ordered the game on Steam, through the Square Enix site, or through Sony’s PSN Store. Steam users will find their Early Access Codes under the “CD Keys” option, PS4 and PS5 owners will have their accounts automatically registered for Early Access and those who pre-ordered through Square Enix will receive a code they will need. use on Mog station. site. For those who need help, Square Enix has provided more detailed steps to access it.

Endwalker costs $ 40 on Mac, PC, PS4, and PS5.

What’s new in Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker?

As the fourth expansion for Final Fantasy 14, Endwalker will be the highlight of the game’s history from the start. Players will also have access to two other jobs: the Reaper, who summons spectral monsters to fight, and the Sage, who can heal and upgrade other players. The new breed of male Viera will also be available in Endwalker. Previously, the Viera breed with large hare ears was reserved for females. There will also be new areas to explore, raids, weapons, and more content in Endwalker. Players can also upgrade their characters to level 90 now, instead of level 80.

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