Firefox version 102 lets you disable the download panel and improve picture-in-picture mode

A new Firefox version update is here. Although it’s not a major feature update like Firefox 100, it does include some useful improvements for a better browsing experience.

Here’s what’s new:

Firefox 102: new additions and improvements

With this version, you can finally disable the automatic opening of the download panel each time a new download starts. This way, you won’t have too many windows on your screen.

It also looks like they’ve added some improvements to the Picture-in-Picture feature with subtitles. You should get better support for this with more streaming platforms, including Disney+ Hotstar, HBO Max, SonyLIV, and a few others.

Firefox 102 also improves security by moving audio decoding to a separate process with an improved sandbox. The process remains isolated, giving you more security.

Additionally, there are some screen reader enhancements in Windows.

For developersthere are some significant changes which include:

  • Introducing support for Transform streams which also includes new interfaces.
  • Support for readable byte streams.
  • Firefox only properly Window.sidebar removal.
  • You can now filter stylesheets in the Style Editor tab of our developer tools

Firefox also adds a new corporate policy by adding a configuration setting that ensures that downloads meant to be opened are initially stored in a temporary folder.

If the downloaded file is saved, it will be stored in the download folder. Mozilla explains more:

There is now a company policy (StartDownloadsInTempDirectory) and an about:config preference ( which will again force Firefox to initially place downloads in (a subfolder of) the operating system’s temporary folder, instead of the downloads folder configured in Firefox. Files opened from the “what should Firefox do with this file” dialog, or set to open automatically in helper applications, will remain in this folder. Saved files (not opened as mentioned earlier) will still end up in the Firefox downloads folder.

For more on the release, check out the full release notes.

Download Firefox 102

You can download the latest version of Firefox 102 from its official website or wait for the package update on your Linux distribution.

Either way, you can always use the Snap package to get the latest update now.

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