‘Fortnite’ 3.44 Update: Bug Fix Available for Download

The “Fortnite” 3.44 update, which fixes the Support-A-Creator UI, has been officially dropped for PlayStation, Xbox, mobile, and PC.

The developers said they will give an update when the patch is available for Nintendo Switch.

On Monday, January 24, a sudden maintenance was released on the “Fortnite” servers, which surprised some of its fans. But instead of adding new content, the patch simply fixed a bug found in its systems.

“Fortnite” Update 3.44: Support-A-Creator UI Bug Fix

This bug was first discovered on January 20, when players complained that the Support-A-Creator UI was missing from pre-game lobbies on some Creative Islands.

Fortnite” acknowledged the issue on the same date, saying a team was investigating the issue.

Note that Support-A-Creator is a Creative Mode feature primarily used by content creators and their fans. So, unless a player is an active community supporter, they may never have noticed this issue in the first place.

This means that Update 3.44 is a smaller-scale fix to the big content drops expected this week.

Where to Download the ‘Fortnite’ Bug Fix

A day after the bug was acknowledged, Fortnite Status tweeted that it had fixed the issue for PC, Android, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

The bug fix should be automatically added to the latest maintenance patch, so players are advised to update their game launchers as soon as possible.

Fortnite Status also tweeted that an update is still on the way for Nintendo Switch.

At the time of writing, the update is not yet available for the platform.

Unfortunately, for Switch gamers, a new glitch has also been spotted in their system.

Reports are coming in that his aim assist isn’t working when motion controls are enabled. “Fortnite” said they are currently investigating the issue.

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Fortnite Update Download: New Season Content

Fortnite Insider teased that aside from this bug fix, players can expect some exciting new updates later this week.

This is likely content related to the “Fortnite” events in Chapter 3 Season 1.

On their official YouTube trailer, “Fortnite” teased a new map, characters, skins, items, and even gameplay. Half of the content was already released in a major update last week, but more could arrive later this month.

How to turn on the Nintendo Switch

On another topic, Nintendo Switch users may experience issues while booting up their devices. This article offers three ways to solve the problem.

Switch users are advised to plug in and charge their Switch, especially when it is completely discharged. It is also recommended to perform a hard reset on the device.

If none of these strategies work, users should inspect their power adapter for any signs of damage.

Finally, they can try to submit their game console for a fix at one of Nintendo’s authorized repair shops.

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