Free coding games to learn programming for beginners

There is a lot of learn to code games on the Internet. The problem is that a lot of them ask for money, and unless you watch them play on YouTube, you have no idea if they’re any good. Ideally, you want some good free games to start with, so here are a few you can try.


This platform has many games for beginners and intermediate coders. Helping to make people easier with cute graphics and easy-to-use interfaces, it’s ideal for coders young and old. CodeMonkey uses game-based learning (gamification) to help people flex their coding muscles, and there are tons of different courses a user can take to improve their overall coding skills. The system is set up for independent learners, for classrooms, and there are also tools for teachers and coaches.

The elevator saga

If you are looking to improve your JavaScript coding, this free game will spend some time and help you improve. You are given an objective at the top of the screen, and you are given the start of a program. You must fill in the correct JavaScript code to complete the goal. You then test your work by pressing the start button. The timer starts, the program runs and you can see if you have entered the correct coding.

Code Wars

There are games on this platform that allow you to use 55 different programming languages. Each language has a series of games attached, although the most popular languages ​​have the most games. Indeed, many games have been created by the community. Play the games and check your answers as you go, watching and seeing the solutions to determine if they match and/or are better than the solutions you gave.

Cyber ​​Dojo

The Cyber ​​Dojo tool lets you practice various coding problems using languages ​​such as Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. You enter the practice area and it gives you a series of programming problems to solve and/or practice. Select the one you want to learn and/or improve, then enter the code using the premise given to you through the tool. Learn to code things like a range of filenames or random things like retail math miscalculation.

MIV Adventures

This game teaches you how to use VIM hotkeys. The VIM program is a highly configurable editor that some programmers use. By playing this very simple game in your web browser, you learn the various shortcuts enjoyed by VIM users. It makes you a better and/or more efficient VIM user by helping you memorize shortcuts while playing this game.


In this game you build tanks in game using ks in java or .NET. There is a thing called RoboTank Royale, which is a user-friendly extension of the original tank-building program. The Royale version is just as beginner-friendly, though you’ll need to know a good amount of JavaScript and .NET if you want to dive right in and start having fun.

FlexBox Defense

This is a game that lets you practice your CSS skills. You need to prevent incoming enemies from getting past your defenses by adding the right kinds of CSS coding. It starts off pretty simple, giving you directions and instructions. It then gets a bit more complex as you progress through the game. The weird thing is that this game teaches you the code but puts it in a very different context. It would be like learning to drive a car, but learning it through baking cakes, and where you leave knowing how to drive, it’s still a weird way to learn.

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