Funniest moments in Ubisoft games

It’s April Fool’s Day, an opportunity to make people laugh and have fun in a good mood. While many of Ubisoft’s games are serious in nature, they aren’t without lighthearted moments. There’s something for every sense of humor, whether sarcastic, prankish or good-natured. Although far from a complete list, here are some of the funniest moments from Ubisoft games.

The Prodigy (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla)

For The Prodigy global event, Eivor will find a musical Easter egg hidden in the Essex countryside. As they approach, they will hear a bishop and a musician arguing loudly. The musician, Keith, maintains that his band is ahead of its time, their music a much needed boon to the community. The bishop remains firm in his assertion that music is the devil breaking the wind. If Eivor intervenes, they fight the bishop, and Keith will cheer them on with pithy phrases like “punch the priest”, “punch the cleric” and, of course, “slap my bishop” (a reference to a certain song by The Prodigy, the band to which the global event is a tribute).

Zeus and Prometheus (Immortals Fenyx Rising)

This game could easily have been called Ode to a Grecian Odd Couple, because that’s exactly what Zeus and Prometheus are. The two gods bicker as they recount Fenyx’s journey, sounding more like an old married couple than Olympian cousins. In the game’s opening moments, Prometheus isn’t too happy to see Zeus – after all, the god of lightning chained him to a rock and gave his liver to an eagle. Zeus’ answer? “It was out of love!” This sets the tone for their banter throughout the game, which includes important commentary on Fenyx’s journey, such as the correct pronunciation of “Herakles”, observations on Fenyx’s ability to randomly stumble upon legendary items, and more. Be sure to keep an eye out for the fake ending, where every credited role is Zeus himself.

Fly Like a Bird (Far Cry Primal)

In Far Cry Primal, players are transported to a prehistoric era, where they will encounter a strange bird named Urki. It’s not really a bird; he is a human and, coincidentally, Hurk’s ancestor. Urki is known as a thinker, someone who pushes boundaries – and players can watch him bring one of his experiments to a fruitless (but hilarious) end. You see, Urki decides he wants to learn to fly like a bird, sending players to pick up two whole feathers to use as makeshift wings, as well as a turtle shell (to wear as a helmet, for safety). Seeing the caveman leap with feathers clenched in his fists, waving his arms the whole time, is kind of funny, but then Urki takes a leap of faith, hoping to fly away – and instead falls like a boulder into a rock. pile of hay. Fly Like Bird is a short side quest, but definitely worth doing for anyone looking to have a laugh in Far Cry Primal.

Nostalgia (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla)

Deep in Oxenefordshire, the Nostalgia Global Event is actually quite heartfelt and bittersweet, but if players pay attention, they may have a good laugh and even get a prank idea. Eivor will meet an elderly, mostly blind man on his farm; he mistakes Eivor for his daughter Rose and asks for their help in moving some boxes. Afterwards, if players choose to listen to his story (and they should), he’ll dive into how he met Rose’s mother. When the two were young, the man and his bride-to-be were caught, shall we say, in the act by their lord, who immediately went to execute the man (who was still naked, he takes care to note). Instead, Rose’s mother offered to bring the lord more milk than he could handle in exchange for their lives. (Looks like fair trade, tbh.) The two lovers went to milk the cow until she was exhausted and they had two buckets for the lord. After delivering them, instead of milking another cow, the couple went back and stole the still-full buckets, taking them back to the lord and pretending they were new. They repeated this process until the lord was sated and they left, free to start a new life, have a daughter, and eventually end their days alone on a farm.

Rubella Dialogue (Child of Light)

“Little lady, may I join you? My suitcases are already packed.
I have to find my brother and save our double…routine!
– Rubella, Child of Light

Child of Light has many defining characteristics, including the fact that its entire script is written in rhyme. Each character speaks in sing-song verses, further immersing players in the fairy tale adventure – all characters, that is, except Rubella. A jester with hopes of joining the circus, Rubella is unable to complete any rhyme scheme, choosing the wrong word even though it would be more natural to choose the right one (see quote above; how was it difficult for her to find the word “law?”). All it takes is a break from the game’s steady stream of dialogue to bring laughs most of the time, a feeling heightened by Igniculus’ annoyance at Rubella’s inability to complete a rhyme; he usually intervenes at the end of his dialogue to give the right word. Additionally, Rubella’s dialogue makes players smart, as their brains are (usually) able to fill in the rhyming word before Igniculus.

A Very Cunning Fish (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarök)

In the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla expansion, players can find this small world event in the northeast part of Svaladal. Odin comes across a small island in the middle of a lake, where two dwarves are fighting over a guardian fish swimming in the lake, telling all other fish not to bite or swim into their nets. Odin, no doubt eager to tell another tale at Kára’s domain, refuses to believe that such havoc could be wrought by a mere fish – the Guardian is surely a mighty beast, with razor-sharp teeth and mighty tentacles. The dwarves insist it’s just a fish, but Odin wades through the water, roaring for the Lake Guardian to face them in open combat. Nothing happens. Odin must defeat this enemy like any other fish: with his bow and arrow, or with his fishing line. It’s a fast-paced global event, but something about seeing a being of such cosmic pride as Odin scream at fish in the water will make any player laugh.

Ares Introduction (Immortals Fenyx Rising)

We have already talked about Zeus and Prometheus, but there is Ares. Most would imagine the god of war to be a fearsome creature, and at first glance he appears to Fenyx as a massive bear. However, when the fearsome creature is distracted and walks away, Ares’ true form is revealed: the famed warrior is a mere chicken, projecting his voice like the Wizard of Oz from behind his curtain. Not only that, but he’s also a great drama queen, practically begging Fenyx to dice his pathetic, fowling self and lamenting that his inadvertent screaming made him a laughing stock on the battlefield. (To be fair, he’s not wrong.) His scenes as a chicken alone are reason enough to replay Immortals Fenyx Rising (or for the first time, if you haven’t yet).

Ghost Boss (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle)

At the end of the world of Spooky Trails, Mario and his Rabbid friends must face a laugh-out-loud boss: the Ghost of the Bwahpera. This baroque Boo-Rabbid hybrid isn’t afraid to go wild and roast Mario with his scathing lyrics. From the plumber’s iconic mustache to his relationship with Princess Peach, nothing is off limits to the Phantom. The song is so powerful it can literally kill Mario and his band of Rabbids, so you’ll need to work fast to steal the show and end the Ghost’s bwahpera once and for all.

If you want to learn more about some of these games, check out the Assassin’s Creed-inspired Echoes of History podcast, or this interview with Immortals writer Fenyx Rising, who describes life on Olympus as living in a reality show. .

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