Google launches its long-awaited “Play as you download” feature for Android 12 devices, here’s everything you need to know about it / Digital Information World

Google announced the ability to play while you download, in July 2021. This would allow users to play the game or use the app while it downloads in the background from the Play Store. After such a long time, Google has finally announced that the “Play as you download” feature will soon be available for Android 12 devices.

This is close to the functionality that has been available for years on gaming platforms; Xbox, PlayStation and many more. The app designers must support the games and the app, which will include the essential files to open the app. Once done, users will be able to open/play the app while it is still downloading in the background.

The company revealed that the feature uses an Incremental File System, which is a virtual Linux file system that allows programs to run while its data is downloaded in the background. The specialized system will be available for Android 12, meeting the requirements for the most anticipated feature.

The company said the feature will soon be available for Android 12 devices, however, no specific date was given by the company. Now, even if the company releases the feature, it might only be available for a few apps at first. It is even possible that some apps may not support the new feature, especially if the app is already small and can be downloaded in seconds with a stable internet; which is one of the main reasons why the feature will be available primarily for gaming apps, and not for any other kind of apps.

In recent times, Google has carried out tests to improve the experiences of its users; introducing features such as a dashboard for games and emulators for games that were mostly only available on desktop computers.

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