Google refines new download button in Chrome

At any given time, Google Chrome has a slew of experimental and never-before-seen features for users to try out. A notable new feature is a revamped download button. Thanks to a Reddit user, we know that Google is tweaking its new download button in Chrome.

The new download button in Chrome will change shape once the download is complete

Not so long ago, we learned that Google was revamping the download button in Chrome. It will mirror that of the Microsoft Edge download button. The button itself will be at the top of the browser rather than the bottom.

When a file is downloading, you will see a small downward pointing arrow. A circle will slowly fill around it, representing the distance the download has traveled. Previously, the new download button in Chrome remained the same throughout the download.

However, according to the Reddit user, once the circle completely encompasses the download arrow, it turns into an arrow pointing to a flat shape. This would symbolize for the user that the download is complete.

There is another change with this download button

Not only has the download button got a facelift, but there’s also a new drop-down menu. When you click the download button, a drop-down list appears showing you your recent downloads. It appears to show you the four most recent downloads. At the very bottom of the drop-down list, you will see the option “Show all downloads”.

This new download approach makes the interface much cleaner than the current method. Now, when we download a file, the bottom of the screen is taken up by the downloads menu, which seems to waste space compared to a single button.

It’s on Chrome Canary

This is still an experimental feature, so you won’t find it if you’re using a stable version of Chrome. If you really want to try this feature, you will need to download the Chrome Canary version. This version of Chrome allows you to install unstable and experimental features coming to Chrome.

You can download the Chrome Canary version from Google for free. Just be aware that since these features are experimental and unstable, you might not want to use Chrome Canary for your work.
Plus, if you use Canary, you’ll be first in line for even more new and exciting experiences from Google. You will be able to provide feedback to the company if the features you have have any issues.

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