Great tips for web optimization that can also help with mobile app development

The process of website optimization which can help in mobile apps developed by a mobile app development company requires detailed planning. Identifying the needs of your customers plays a central role in application development. With the increasingly ubiquitous nature of mobile devices, it is important to consider web optimization tips that can aid in mobile application development. You can also hire the best web development company to help you build a mobile friendly webpage.

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Below are some tips for optimizing the web, followed by a mobile application development company in the United States that can help in the development of mobile applications.

Tips to optimize your website for mobile users

1. Design Kcry Mobile in MIndiana

Initially, the web was created for the purpose of being used by desktop users. The websites are beautifully designed to fill the desktop screens.

With the advancement of technology and the use of smartphones, it is time to start embracing the concept of premier mobile design.

Some design elements that you need to implement in your mobile website design are:

# 1. Prioritization

Mobile displays present data vertically and have limited display space on the screen.

Designing by prioritizing the most important elements that should be displayed first is therefore very necessary. Mobile users should be able to easily see CTA buttons.

# 2. Color content

Display all content first. Mobile screens are smaller than desktops, so make your content readable. Colors can be chosen later.

# 3. Easy navigation

On a mobile screen, just by clicking randomly anywhere, you don’t return to the home page unless this type of navigation is provided. Experiment with the scroll-up widgets.

# 4. Feedback

Sit back and listen to other people’s comments, analyze and perceive their user experience (UX) of your website. Each and every mobile application development company in the USA works after receiving feedback on their products.

2. Resources; ohoptimization, IMagi & Ithe inconvenients

Visual elements like photos, illustrations, icons, and videos are the biggest customers of bandwidth on web pages. Optimizing the user experience for mobile is a conscious thing.

Look for ways to save even the smallest amount of bandwidth. Mobile application developers should take user experience into account to deliver an intuitive mobile design and choose visuals carefully.

# 1. Resize your images

Resizing can reduce 80% of the total image size depending on the required dimensions. Mobile devices do not exceed the ranges of 600 to 700 pixels.

# 2. Reduce file size with compression

Image optimization is the process of reducing the size of the image to save disk space. This is done in such a way that the photos do not lose their quality and only the file size gets smaller.

# 3. Explore alternative file formats

We are all familiar with PNG and JPEG file formats. The latest technology in digital image delivery revolves around the WebP and SVG file formats.

3. Pop-up, theme and host

# 1. Redesign of pop-ups for mobile devices

Pop-ups have all been criticized and hog space, but they manage to grab a visitor’s attention. It’s normal for a site to have one or two pop-ups.

This can become problematic when a site is displayed on a smaller screen. Google recently implemented pop-up penalties to deduct pop-ups that adversely affect user experience.

# 2. Use a responsive WordPress theme.

Make sure it is well optimized and doesn’t negatively affect your website performance. It must have appeal and style, it must be secure and provide you with parameters for the personalization process.

Check the theme description. Check its functionality and then install it for review to make sure it is responsive.

# 3. Choose a reliable web host

It is one of the most crucial decisions to be made. If you don’t choose a web host or plan that doesn’t offer the speed and resources you need, your website will perform badly.

Your host determines the proper functioning of your site. When it comes to mobile optimization, speed is an important factor to consider.

4. Web caching

Web caching is based on the concept of copying a version of a page which can then be presented to the user at any time. When a user tries to access the page instead of serving the live version, the web server will display the cached version instead.

This can be done with the help of the best web development company.

This improves the performance of the website. You can also subscribe to the CDN network.

(Content Delivery Network). It uses a global cluster of distributed servers to deliver blazingly fast content.

5.AMP (accelerated mobile pages)

Google’s AMP project is mobile optimization on steroids. AMP cuts your pages down to the essentials to deliver a super-fast loading experience and also makes content readability a priority.

AMP is the preferred choice of mobile application developers. AMP is a simple HTML page with some limitations for the content that is uploaded.

Javascript does not work with AMP. You can use the AMP JS library on GitHub.

6. Tests

# 1. Test before committing

Most cloud hosting platforms offer a staging environment. You can consult your provider to see if they have access to a cloud hosting program.

What is a staging environment? One can watch a live website to figure this out. A staging environment in this context is a copy of a production site.

You can make changes without breaking your live site. In short, it is a dummy version.

It is therefore necessary to check and test.

# 2. Test your site using Google’s mobile-friendly tool

Before going any further, it’s wise enough to check if your site is doing well when it comes to mobile usability. One way to verify this is to view your website on different devices.

By doing this, you can observe how fast your site loads and how well it adapts to different screens. Google has a test tool for this that you can use for free.

This will show you if your site is up to the standard of mobile web pages. A PWA Web Development Company makes sure to test their website for mobile pages.

Final thoughts

The tips listed above are intended for web optimization and are followed by a mobile application development company in the USA. Many mobile applications are launched daily.

Optimize your website for a smooth mobile experience is not that difficult.

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