Here is the download of Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4

After seeing this morning’s announcement from Samsung and Google that the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic can now access Google Assistant, we spent most of the day trying to find it. We haven’t been successful so far – Google seems to have it live for download and we have the link for you.

To download Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4, just click on this link below. The link is for the special wearable version of Google Assistant that can be installed on watches, like the Galaxy Watch 4. The URL identifies it as “”, which is different from regular assistant that you install on phones and tablets.

Google Play link: Google Assistant for wearable devices

Once you’ve clicked this link (or you can open Google Play on your Watch 4 and update/install it) and installed, it’s just a few steps to get Google Assistant up and running.

The first time you open the assistant from the watch, it will ask you to “sign in” by opening your phone and following some prompts. these prompts will feel familiar and will generally be the same setup experience you saw when you first turned it on on your phone. You’ll give it “Hey Google” access before it reminds you that you can set Google Assistant to launch with a combination of buttons on your Watch 4. And that’s it!

If you want to set Google Assistant as default or map it to a button, here are the instructions for doing both:

  • To set the default Google Assistant: Open your watch settings, then go to Apps > Choose default apps, then tap the “Digital assistant app” button. From here, you can set Google Assistant as default.
  • Associate Google Assistant with a button: Go to your watch settings, then find Advanced features > Customize keys. You can decide to set the Home (top button) to “Double-tap” or “Tap and hold” to open Google Assistant if you want.
  • Configure “Hey Google” on the watch: To configure “Hey Google”, you will need to Again Head to Settings, then tap on the “Google” option. You should now see “Assistant” as a choice. Tap it and another choice for “Hey Google” will be listed. Tap it and you’ll walk through the final setup for “Hey Google” to activate through your phone.

Enjoy Google Assistant, everyone!

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