Here’s everything announced at the Future Games Show

The Future Games Show: Spring Showcase aired last night (March 25) and revealed plenty of new trailers, release dates, and world premieres. If you missed the live event, never fear, here’s everything announced at the Future Games Show.

Below we’ve listed all the new trailers that appeared during the Future Games Show – but if you’d rather watch the entire show yourself, you can check it out here.

The time I have left – trailer

The first revelation was an announcement for The time I have leftwhich follows a protagonist who has been marked for death and must flee through an abandoned underground city.

Gun jam – gameplay trailer

A new gameplay trailer for Gun jam revealed more of Jaw Drop Games’ fast-paced first-person combat in action.

Turbo golf course – trailer

Developed by Hugecalf Studios, a first trailer for Turbo golf course revealed a game that looks like rocket league in the form of golf.

Flintlock: The Seat of Dawn – developer diary

Next, A44 Games shared a new dev diary that explores the universe and lore fans can expect. Flintlock: The Seat of Dawn.

crimesight – gameplay trailer

Konami debuted at the Future Games Show crimesighta game which, according to the description of the trailer, is “Among us meets Cluedo meets Minority report“.

Midnight Ghost Hunt – release date trailer

A cinematic trailer for Midnight Ghost Hunt was created, which confirmed that anyone looking forward to the sinister Prop HuntThe style game will launch in Early Access on March 31.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut PC – launch trailer

A new trailer for the PC edition of Death Stranding Director’s Cut was shared and takes a look at what players can expect from the latest version when it launches on March 30.

Demeo: PC Edition – gameplay trailer

Another PC game, gameplay trailer for Demoo featured “a cooperative tabletop adventure game with VR cross-play functionality”.

Dorfromantik – release date trailer

A more relaxed take on the city-builder genre, the latest trailer for Dorfromantic confirms that it will launch on April 28, 2022.

AlterBorn – trailer

A third person survival action shooter, AlterBorn is expected to arrive on PC, Xbox, and Playstation platforms in 2023.

Sengoku Dynasty – trailer

With its first trailer, Sengoku Dynasty reveals a game where players must build their own village in the feudal Japan of the city of war.

Deliver us Mars – trailer

A sequel to Deliver us the moon, Deliver us Mars is a narrative-driven story that promises new mechanics and more of the first game’s grounded sci-fi setting – find out more here.

Justice Sucks: Reloaded – gameplay trailer

A “stealth/action game about a killer vacuum robot on a quest for revenge”, the latest trailer for Justice Sucks: Reloaded says the original game is coming to PC on an unspecified date.

Team17 – editing upcoming games

Publisher Team17 visited the Future Games Show to share a look at some of the titles it’s working on in 2022, including Marauders, God, thymesiaand more.

songs of conquest – developer presentation

The two and a half minutes songs of conquest video showed what fans can expect from the game’s upcoming Early Access launch.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – new trailer

An exclusive trailer released for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagafurther detailing the upcoming Lego game’s battles on land and in space.

The Cycle: Frontier – gameplay trailer

A free-to-play shooter that’s currently being tested by lucky fans, the latest gameplay trailer sees Dan Banefelt – creative director for The Cycle: Frontier – break down what it’s all about.

The outgoing ghost – trailer

The revelation of The outgoing ghost showcases a cutesy paper mario-style RPG that hopes to launch later this year.

It means deformation – Early Access Trailer

A new trailer for It means deformation teases frenetic cooperative gameplay where players must work together to push their ship forward against the odds.

Forever Skies – gameplay trailer

A base building game about an airship, eternal sky launches on PC in 2022.

Alaskan Truck Simulator – gameplay trailer

Slightly more grounded than the latest Future Games Show trailer, this gameplay video for Alaskan Truck Simulator shows a long-distance course that promises to chew up some stunning scenery.

Immortality – extended gameplay trailer

Made by the developer of His history, Immortality involves using lost film footage to piece together the mysterious story of actress Marissa Marcel. You can read more about the “horror investigation” game here.

sun sprite – gameplay trailer

A platform game inspired by Peruvian culture, sun sprite has a beautiful art style and is now available on PC.

Zero Shipping – launch trailer

Like the last trailer, Zero Shipping has also launched on PC – and this latest video shows why horror fans might want to pick it up.

Silt – gameplay trailer

The latest gameplay trailer for Silt reveals more of the unsettling 2D game. NME recently got a glimpse Silt – here’s what we thought.

Vampire: The Masquerade – The Swan Song – RPG Trailer

This trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade – The Swan Song delves deeper into the RPG elements of the game and looks at how your character’s skills can be customized – learn more here.

The little – trailer

First shown at the Future Games Show, The littlethe very first story trailer says to expect “The jungle Book meets Armageddon”.

Lego Brick Tales – trailer

The final reveal (and the second Lego trailer of the night), Lego Brick Tales appears to be a globe-trotting adventure developed by ClockStone.

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