How to Download Android 13 Beta 1 for Google Pixel Devices

It’s been a few days since Google released Android 13 Beta 1 for Google Pixel devices and while the beta is largely aimed at developers, users who want to try it out can go ahead and do so without really encountering many issues. You need to understand how you can go ahead and download Android 13 Beta 1 for Google Pixel devices and more importantly you will need to know how to install it as well.

That said, the update is now available for all Pixel 4 and later devices, so if you own one of these devices, you would be more than happy to know that the update files are available. The process of downloading these might be the easiest, but we’re still going to help you out.

The Android 12 beta program for Pixel phones is finally coming to an end

Download Android 13 beta 1 for all eligible Google Pixel phones

Now, before downloading Android 13 Beta 1 for Google Pixel devices, you should know that the update is available in both OTA and factory image, so you have a choice. I am posting all official links below, allowing you to easily download all files.

Once you have downloaded the beta, you can go ahead and install them on your device. However, if you don’t know how to install Android 13 Beta 1 on your Google Pixel phone, we will have a guide on that soon.

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