How to Download Arma Reforger on Xbox and PC

If you want to download Arma Reforge on Xbox or PC, we’ve got you covered. Follow the simple steps listed below, and you’ll be in the Cold War era in no time.

How to Download Arma Reforger on Xbox

As of this writing, the Xbox version of Arma Reforger has not gone live. However, when it does later today, downloading it on Xbox should be as simple as following the steps below:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Store app
  2. Use the search function to locate the list
  3. Select the list and buy the game

Once purchased, the game should automatically be added to your download queue. Once installed, you can launch it at your leisure. Even though it’s labeled “Game Preview”, it’s the full version. That’s just Xbox nomenclature for early access. If you find the game is not appearing in the store, you may need to wait a bit longer. You can also try resetting your console to see if it triggers a store update.

How to download on PC

  1. Arma Reforger is available exclusively on Steam on PC. It can be purchased and downloaded like any other game on the platform. Do this:
  2. Search for Arma Reforger using the Steam store search box
  3. Click on the correct selection when the search results appear
  4. Buy the game from its store listing

After purchasing the game, Steam should automatically ask you if you want to install it. Also note that Arma Reforger is in early access, so don’t expect it to be complete or bug-free. It’s steep for an early access game, and reviews on Steam are mixed. It’s supposed to be a preview of Arma 4, so skeptical folks might want to wait until Bohemia Interactive releases that game.

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