How to download Flarum Forum software in Ubuntu 22.04 2022 Tip

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Check how to download Flarum Forum software in Ubuntu 22.04

Flarum is written in PHP, so its setup is quick and easy. Mithril (opens in a new window), a fast JavaScript framework that takes up little space, powers the interface. Beautiful and adaptable. It is user-friendly forum software. Flarum is designed from the ground up to be consistent and intuitive across all platforms. Expandable and powerful. Flarum can be customized, extended and integrated to meet the needs of your community. Flarum’s design is incredibly adaptable and comes with a robust extension API. Open and without restrictions. Flarum is open source software released under the MIT license (opens in a new window). So let’s put it together and take a look.

How to download Flarum Forum software on Ubuntu 22.04

Install the Flarum forum on Ubuntu 20.04

Get LAMP on Ubuntu 20.04

Before starting the installation, it is recommended to perform some minor adjustments and installations on the system.

First, completely update the layout from the terminal:

sudo apt update sudo apt update

After that LAMP should be installed on Ubuntu 20.04 because Flarum Forum requires a web environment.

To install Flarum Forum, you also need to install these required PHP modules and packages.

php libapache2-mod-php php-cli php-fpm php-common php-common php-mbstring php-gd php-xml php-mysql php-curl zip unzip curl wget git

Now we can continue.

Creation of the database for Flarum Forum

You must now create a new database and a user so that Flarum Forum can manage the data that is created.

sudo mysql -u root -p

And now create the database and the new user:


Installation of the composer

Now is the time to install Composer, which is required to complete the installation. To install Composer, run each of these commands:

php -r “copy (‘’, ‘composer-setup.php’);” php composer-setup.php php -r “unlink (‘composer-setup.php’);” sudo mv composer.phar / usr / local / bin / composer

And test it by running:

composer -V

We can continue.

Download the Flarum forum

Before downloading the app, let’s create a folder where we’ll download and make the current user the owner. This is to avoid using Composer as the root user.

sudo mkdir -p / var / www / flarum sudo chown -R $ USER: $ USER / var / www / flarum

Go to the folder you created and install Flarum Forum by running

cd / var / www / flarum composer create-project flarum / flarum. –Stability = beta

Then make Apache the owner of the folder:

sudo chown -R www-data: www-data / var / www / flarum

The next step is to create a new VirtualHost to manage our site:

sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/flarum.conf

And add the following content:

ServerAdmin [email protected] DocumentRoot / var / www / flarum / public ServerName your-server Options FollowSymlinks AllowOverride All Require All Granted ErrorLog $ {APACHE_LOG_DIR} /your-domain.com_error.log CustomLog $ {APACHE_LOG_DIR} /your-domain.com_access.log combined

Replace ServerName with your domain name. Save your changes and close the editor.

Now activate the new VirtualHost, Apache’s rewrite module, and apply the changes by restarting the service.

sudo a2ensite flarum sudo a2enmod rewrite sudo systemctl restart apache2

Install the Flarum forum on Ubuntu 20.04

So you can now open a web browser and go to the Flarum forum to complete the installation. In short, you can access it via http: // your-domain

On this screen, you will have to complete the installation and define a name for the Forum, as well as the database parameters.

You can then create the administrator account necessary to access it.

Then you can see the dashboard.

Final words: How to download Flarum Forum software in Ubuntu 22.04

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