How to Download Full HD Movies on MacBook

The growth of the Macbook is inevitable. As one of the most efficient devices to work with, having a Macbook is like a dream for most workers and artists. We saw the Macbook Pro 2020 which has a 16 inch large screen with a 1920P display. It even has a feature for smoother video processing which makes the whole experience of watching movies upgraded to a new level.

Although there are some streaming apps like Netflix or Showbox, there is no single app to download movies. Certainly, with this large screen, we want to download Full HD movies so that everything is seen much better.

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Although streaming has become a much more difficult task as network blocking is unavoidable, downloading movies is definitely an option. This is the only thing you can do to watch movies smoothly on Macbook. There are two main methods to download Full HD movies on Macbook:

Using Movie Downloader

Among other recommended options, using movie downloaders might be the fastest option. You don’t have to pick a site, close annoying ads, and deal with other stressful issues. One downloader we want to recommend is MacX Video Converter Pro, which also works to convert your documents.

The program allows you to download movies in 720 and 1080P as well as the maximum 4K/8K movies from Dailymotion, Metacafe and more than 100 other streaming services. You can also use the tool for basic video editing and conversion. It supports many video formats, as well as other document extensions including MP3, GIF, etc.

MacX Video Converter Pro supports MacOS Big Sur and earlier. Windows 10 is also compatible. There has been an update to improve its ability to record 4K and 8K movies on your Macbook without lag or stutter.

To download movies using this software, here is what you need to do:

  1. First, download the software on the MacBook and open it.
  2. Once opened, type the movie title in the search bar.
  3. Some movie information will be displayed. Be it Movie URL, Trailer, Shows etc.
  4. Copy the URL, then paste it into the box
  5. Click Analyze and adjust settings to determine resolution, format, codec and size
  6. Select the destination folder and click Download Now.

Movie download sites

If somehow you can’t install and use movie downloader, you can still use movie websites. There are plenty of them available on the internet. We don’t just find and download movies like that. Remember, other than gemstones; there is a high chance that you will encounter unwanted websites.

Some of them are also at high risk of being hacked by hackers. To help you find the best ones, we present a recommended movie site for you to visit. Each site is completed with the features to watch the review, synopsis, etc.

Usually, movie websites also offer the download feature, which varies in quality. For new movies, sometimes you can only download the CAM version, which is the worst of all. You can also find the Blurays on rare occasions.

Since you will be visiting these sites, additional security is recommended. Not because they are unsafe, but there is always a slight chance that your account will be hacked while you are online. Among the best VPN services, we highly recommend using Cyberghost VPN, and here’s what makes Cyberghost VPNs trustworthy. You can check it out for more information on how it works, its benefits, and how it can benefit you.

Without further ado, here is our top recommendation:

YIFY Movies

You have probably already felt familiar with the name of this website. Considered one of the best places for movie downloads, YIFY Movies still holds its title. All the movies here are presented in a wide range of quality, from 720P to the highest 3D quality. What is amazing with this size is its ability to compress movie size. Thus, they can be downloaded in a much smaller size without losing quality.

Before downloading the movie, you can also see the trivial information about it first. Read reviews carefully and find out if this is a good movie for you. Then you can start downloading the movie immediately by clicking the remarkable button.

If you encounter geo-restrictions when trying to open it, be sure to open it using a VPN, as we recommended above.

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