How to download the Halo Infinite campaign

The Halo Infinite campaign is now live on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC, allowing you to experience the first story starring Master Chief since 2015. If you’re excited to get started, here’s how to start and end your game. download quickly. .

First of all, Halo Infinite must be installed on the platform of your choice. If you’ve played the free multiplayer that launched last month, the campaign will appear there as well now. You should receive a relatively small update (around 3GB on Xbox), after which you will need to launch the game and head to the Campaign tab. There you can manually start the campaign download, along with any specific language packs you might need.

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This will then initiate the background download as usual, and at least on Xbox there’s a way to speed things up. Return to the console’s home menu, go to My games & apps, and then go to your download queue. There you will be able to pause Halo Infinite while it downloads the campaign, which should help with the download speed.

The Halo Infinite campaign is included with Xbox Games Pass, or you can purchase it separately for $ 60 as usual. In our Halo Infinite review, publisher Jordan Ramée praised the combat and evolution of the game in its open world, writing, “Halo Infinite strives to transform what it means to be a Halo game, making Chief a reluctant father figure for a young and naive AI and put him in an open world It turned out to be a risk for the franchise to take because Infinite is such an amazing game.

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