How to Download the iPadOS 16 Public Beta to Your iPad

With iPadOS 16 having been announced at WWDC, there has been a version available for developers to test their apps – but now there’s a new version for everyone to try.

This public beta can be tried by anyone with an iPad released from 2017 onwards.

However, things may change by the final release of iPadOS 16, as Safari turned out to be in 2021. It can also be a bit unstable, so we recommend only downloading it if you want to try iPadOS 16 and what Stage Manager entails. Otherwise, you might want to wait for the final release, which is currently slated for later this year.

Either way, here’s how to download the iPadOS 16 public beta on your iPad.

How to Install the iPadOS 15 Developer Beta on Your iPad

To download and install the iPadOS 16 public beta, you must enroll in the Apple Beta software program.

On the Apple Beta Software Program website, tap “Sign Up”, then enter your Apple ID and click “Sign In”.

Next, you will need to register your iPad. You should see a page to register your devices. Scroll down until you see “Enroll your iPad”. You will be prompted to download an “iPadOS 16 Public Beta” profile.

Select the file once it’s downloaded, and once it’s installed, it will ask you to restart your iPad.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update. The iPadOS 16 public beta should appear there automatically. Once it appears, tap Install and the download will begin.

In a few moments and a few restarts, you’ll have iPadOS 16 on your iPad! But keep in mind that there will be slowdowns and crashes at random times for this early release.

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