How to Download V Rising Camera Mod

V Rising’s Camera Mod is one of the most popular mods for the game to date.

V Rising is a vampire survival MMO, where players build their castle, plunder villages and conquer the gothic multiplayer world. Currently, the game has a fixed camera angle, showing the player a standard top-down view of the game that cannot be rotated or adjusted. This may be annoying for some players, but there is a mod that allows players to change this.

The Camera Mod, titled ModernCamera, was created and uploaded to the Thunderstore mod website by user vrising. By installing the mod, players can remove camera limitations from games and “make the camera look more like an MMO camera” according to the mod’s description.

To install it, players must first download the mod from Thunderstore. Next, players need to install BepInEx, which allows adding Unity mods to V Rising. Finally, players should navigate to the V Rising folder (which they can do through Steam by clicking the Settings icon and then the “Browse local files” button). From there, players should open the BepInEx folder, then go to the plugins folder.

It is in this folder that players should extract ModernCamera.dll.

Doing this should install the mod, where players will now have full control over their camera, even allowing them to enter first-person mode. It is important to note that this mod only works on private or solo servers and cannot yet be used on online public servers.

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