How to download your full Twitter archive

  • Your Twitter archive includes all of your tweets, replies, followers, lists, etc.
  • To download your Twitter archive, go to the Account menu on the website or in the app.
  • After you’ve requested a copy of your Twitter archive, it may take a few days before you receive it.
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If you are an experienced Twitter user, you might have thousands of tweets and likes on your account. This can be a lot to sift through just using the website or app.

You can request a full record and archive of all your Twitter activity (all your tweets, photos, followers, etc.) by going to your account options page on the website or in the app. The download may take a while depending on your account activity, but you will be able to download it on any device.

How to request your Twitter archives

These steps are pretty much the same on the website and in the mobile app.

1. Head to the Twitter site or open the app and sign in to your account, if you haven’t already.

2. If you are on the website, click the button. Following option in the left sidebar. In the mobile app, tap your profile picture in the upper left corner.

3. To select Settings and privacy.

The sidebar of options in the Twitter iPhone app.

Open the “Settings and Privacy” menu.

Twitter; William Antonelli / Insider

4. To select Your account, then Download an archive of your data.

Menus in the Twitter application for iPhone that allow you to download an archive of your data.

Navigate through the Settings menu to find the page that allows you to archive your data.

Twitter; William Antonelli / Insider

5. You will need to re-enter your password and a two-factor authentication code. If you haven’t set up two factors, you’ll be taken to another page to activate it first.

6. To select Request archiving.

The Twitter mobile application page that allows you to request your data.

Tap or click the “Request archive” option.

Twitter; William Antonelli / Insider

Now you will have to wait for Twitter to make your archive. When completed, you will receive a notification on Twitter and an email with a link to it.

An email from Twitter asking the user to download the linked data.

Click the highlighted “Download” option.

Twitter; William Antonelli / Insider

How to download and view your Twitter archive

Once you’ve received the email or notification from Twitter:

1. Open it and click download, or go back to the data menu by following the steps outlined above. You will need to reenter your password and a two-factor authentication code.

2. Click on Download the archives, then click it again on the next page. You will receive a ZIP file to download – this may take some time, depending on your internet connection and its size.

The Twitter mobile app page that lets you download your archive.

Download your Twitter archive.

Twitter; William Antonelli / Insider

3. Once the ZIP file has downloaded, unzip it and open it.

4. There are a lot of different files and folders inside. The most important are:

  • The called file Your archive.html is a personalized web page with the data that Twitter says will be most useful to you. This includes all of your original tweets (no retweets or replies), your direct messages, the last year of Likes, your “Moments” and your lists, as well as a huge amount of information that advertisers have collected about you. . You can open this file in almost any web browser.

The custom web page that comes with a Twitter archive file.

The custom HTML page provided with a Twitter archive file.

Twitter; William Antonelli / Insider

  • Inside the data folder you will find README.txt, a document explaining what each file in the folder is and what it contains.
  • You will also see a folder called tweet_media, which contains all the photos and videos you’ve uploaded to Twitter or retweeted.

The README.txt and tweet_media files in the Twitter archives.

The highlighted file and folder contain a lot of data.

William Antonelli / Insider

Most of the files inside the archive are JSON (.js) files, which you can open in almost any web browser or word processor. But the easiest way to read your archive is to use the HTML file.

Make sure to download your archive a few days after receiving it – after about a week it will expire and you will have to request it again.

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