How to fix “Chromebook won’t download files” issue

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Check out how to fix “Chromebook won’t download files” issue

Google Chrome is so simple and powerful that everyone loves it. But I recently discovered that an issue was hotly debated on some major forums: Google Chrome was not downloading files! After clicking the download button / icon on a web page, the request is unresponsive. Or, if you choose a location for downloads, the download required message will not appear as usual. After doing a lot of research on the internet, Chrome fans said that they still could not find a confirmed solution to fix the problem.

Troubleshoot Chromebook download issues

There are several methods you can try that may resolve this issue. All of them are simple and easy to do.

  • The first method is to restart your Chromebook device. The Chromebook download error mainly occurs when your Chromebook has been used for a long time without turning it off. The reason is probably hidden in the memory of your device. When you browse the internet on your Chromebook, it stores temporary files as a cache. This is done so that the Chromebook’s processor (central unit or just CPU) can handle processes faster. Sometimes this cache can interfere with certain processes. In other words, it would be doing the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be doing. Restarting your Chromebook should remove some temporary files and fix other background errors. Try to download the same file after restarting your Chromebook.
  • Type the following URL into your Chromebook’s search bar and press Enter: chrome: // settings / resetProfileSettings. Find the Reset Settings button and click on it. As the name suggests, after clicking this button, your browser settings will be reset. Your browser extensions and add-ons will also be temporarily disabled. However, you won’t have to worry about losing your extensions, add-ons, or other important data. After resetting your Chromebook browser settings, restart your Chromebook device.
  • If resetting your Chromebook’s browser settings did not resolve the download issue, you should clear your local data. To do this, type the following into your Chromebook browser search bar and hit enter: chrome: // drive-internals. Once you’ve been posted to this webpage, scroll down and find the Local Metadata section. Click the Clear local data button and restart the Chromebook. This should resolve the download issue.
  • An outdated Chromebook operating system can also cause many features to malfunction. Downloading files is no exception. Although it is not always possible to perform operating system updates (due to lack of memory), it is advisable to free up enough space and update the operating system from your Chromebook from time to time. This will update all of your software and fix the most common errors.

Final Words: How To Fix “Chromebook Won’t Download Files” Issue

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