How to play games on your smartwatch without downloading

High-end smartwatches such as Samsung Galaxy Watch, apple watch and others allow users to play games. These games can be downloaded directly from the dedicated stores depending on the operating system. But did you know that you can also play games on your smart watch without any download or installation. This is possible thanks to HTML5. For those who don’t know, HTML5 is a markup language used to present content on a browser. The language is also used to create games that can be played directly on a browser with an active internet connection.

Many developers have now started creating HTML5/JavaScript versions of popular games that can also be played on a smartwatch. Recently, software developer Oliver Klemenz created an HTML5/Javascript version of the Prince of Persia game that you can play on your smartwatch. A few months ago, a developer also created a version of Doom optimized for smartwatches. If you want to know how to play HTML5 based games on your smartwatch, you can follow these steps.


Copy the link of any HTML5 based game you would like to play on your smartwatch (eg and text it to the number associated with your wearable. You need to use a separate smartphone to do this.


Once you receive the text message, tap the link.


The link to the game will now open on the smartwatch’s default web browser.


You can also follow similar steps for any other HTML5-based game, but you need to make sure the game is optimized for smartwatches.

Currently, there are very few games available that can be played directly on the smartwatch browser, but more and more developers are releasing new games every month.


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