Incredibly realistic Unreal Engine 5 game mod is free to download

We clearly need DC-related content. With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League delayed and Batman: Arkham Knight Now a faded (but much-loved) memory, there’s a gap for some quality new DC content and boy, do I have a mini treat for you.

In case you missed it, check out the The Matrix awakens the Unreal Engine 5 experience below.

YouTuber TJATOMICA, real name Tyson Butler-Boscma, recently unveiled his latest mod in which he used Unreal Engine 5 to create an incredibly realistic Superman-inspired game. The mod fits The Matrix awakens the Unreal Engine 5 experience and shows Clark Kent flying over a bustling city. The imagined gameplay is similar to Marvel’s Spiderman if you just replaced swing with flight.

Commenting on the project, Tyson said, “This project was designed simply as a test of what a future superhero game like Superman might look like in a large-scale modern city running on UE5. This could of course work for anything like Invincible or The Boys. I dream of a modern Superman game and with the release of UE5, [it] seemed like fertile ground to experiment with the amazing packages Epic has made available.

And damn he’s right. The demo looks amazing and now all I want is a Superman game. While a full game ceases to exist, there is good news. Tyson continued: “I know from the video I made last time that people were eager to play it as well so I made that version playable” so you can download the mod right now for free at I call that a victory.

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