iOS 15.4 Beta 1 is now available! How to Download Beta OS, New Features to Watch

After the release of iOS 15.3 this week, Apple has now introduced iOS 15.4 Beta 1 to the public. Unlike its predecessors, the said beta operating system contains many features that users should pay attention to.

New Features in iOS 15.4 Beta 1

One of those essential features, according to Forbes, is Face ID.

This feature now works if someone is wearing a mask and doesn’t need an Apple Watch. Although there is a notice that this is less secure than standard Face ID, having the choice is still helpful.

For those curious about how to set up Face ID, when an iPhone restarts after an upgrade, iOS users will be asked if they want to set it up. As this will require re-scanning of Face ID, Apple users should ensure they are in a location where they can remove their mask.

If they wear glasses, they can perform a second scan after enabling Face ID with Mask to improve accuracy.

Along with the new Face ID feature, users can now experience the long-awaited feature that is universal control. This feature allows the user to control all of their devices with a single mouse (or trackpad) and keyboard, just like many displays on the same system.

In addition to the new features offered by iOS 15.4 Beta 1, a new Wallet widget is available, which displays users’ card balance and transaction breakdown. With this feature, Apple users can now easily track every expense and check their balances.

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Additionally, 30 new emojis are available, including a melting face, staring faces, trolls, a little lip, and a pregnant man.

For the first time, iOS 15.4 lets users add comments to their iCloud Keychain passwords, emulating a popular feature of third-party password managers, per 9to5Mac.

Additionally, the Cupertino-based tech company also explained via 9to5Mac that support for passkey technology preview was introduced in iOS 15.4 Beat 1, allowing login to compatible websites and apps. with a passkey on Mac and iPad using an iPhone with a saved passkey. .

Additionally, users can now add their vaccination records in EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC) format to their Wallet and Health apps.

How to Download iOS 15.4 Beta 1

For those interested in iOS 15.4 Beta 1, the tech giant clarified that users can check out pre-release software through Apple’s beta software program.

Through this program, registrants can provide feedback on quality and usability to help the company find problems, fix them, and improve Apple software. Since Apple has not yet released public beta software, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not perform as well as released software.

For those who are curious about how to acquire said beta version, The Verge has shared the following steps to have said operating system.

  1. From the phone’s Safari browser, go to the Apple Beta Software Portal and accept the terms of sign-in with your Apple ID. If you are not registered, go to the “Get started” section and choose “Register your iOS device”.
  2. After signing up, scroll down to a reminder to make sure a backup of phone content has been made. With this, it will allow Apple users to revert to a previous state when needed.
  3. Keep scrolling until users find a “Download Profile” button, then tap it. By doing this, a warning will appear, indicating that the website is trying to download a configuration profile.
  4. Select “Allow” and a pop-up will appear stating that users can now set the new profile from the Settings app.
  5. Open the Settings app on the phone. Near the top, a new section called “Uploaded Profile” should be added. If users choose, they will be able to download the beta software.
  6. In the upper right corner, click “Install”. Tapping “Install” a second time will require users to re-enter their password and agree to the usual lengthy consent statement.
  7. Finally, users may need to restart their phone for the profile to work.

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