iOS games recap: Dive into Disney’s Mirrorverse, plus new Netflix games and what to play this week

This week there’s a new game about a cast of beloved characters jumping between dimensions that aren’t a Marvel game, Netflix reveals even more new games coming to the service, and Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki. launches its new game on Apple Arcade.

There’s other stuff to play involving hookups, guns, and dungeons too, but not all at once.

Let’s get started, okay?

A multitude of mirror Mickeys

Disney’s Mirrorverse features several versions of familiar heroes who collide in battle, entering and exiting portals as they go. It’s like they saw the multiversal madness unfold in the MCU and decided to get in on the action.

You start Disney Mirrorverse as a battle-ready version of Rapunzel wielding a frying pan, and as Mickey Mouse explains, there’s been a ruckus around a magic mirror, which means you have to beat a bunch of bad guys to get it back.

The 3D arena-style combat is pretty straightforward, with each character’s special moves on timers and an easy-to-use swipe and dodge mechanic. In the first few minutes, you meet Ariel, Hercules, Mulan, Jack Sparrow and Scar from The Lion King, but as you progress you’ll build a team of heroes from across the Disney and Pixar universes. It’s a fun trick from Kabam, the creator of Marvel Contest of Champions, who has proven experience in creating and supporting these types of games over months and years.

Netflix Games Keep Coming

In the breach

Source: subset sets (Image credit: Source: Subset Games)

After revealing a bunch of new games as part of its Geeked Week stream, we kind of assumed that Netflix was done releasing big new game announcements. Fortunately, we were wrong.

He confirmed this week that four new games are coming in July, two of which look really interesting. Immortality is an interactive video thriller from the mind behind Her Story and Telling Lies, Sam Barlow, which is already getting people excited for its PC release. Before Your Eyes is another story-driven game, but with a quirky conceit – you control it by…blinking your eyes. There is also a match-3 game and a Mahjong Solitaire game coming soon.

The following day, Netflix announced that beloved indie strategy game Into the Breach would also be coming to the service on July 19. Netflix and developer Subset Games have promised that the game will be exactly the same as the Advanced Edition of the title coming to PC and console, but with a new touchscreen interface.

These are smarter moves from Netflix as it continues to grow its catalog of games. While the integration of these indie darlings into the service is great, we still haven’t seen a real hit game coming as part of the Netflix games offering. But it’s coming. We can feel it.

A turnaround

Admittedly, we were a bit sarcastic about Sega legend Yu Suzuki’s new Apple Arcade game, Air Twister, when it was first announced. And we were half right. It turns out to be a fun, albeit limited, space shooter.

With its lopsided PS2-era aesthetic and bizarre Queen-esque soundtrack, it’s quite an assault on the senses. You make your way around the screen dodging incoming fire from strange flying creatures and a constant stream of shiny, pointy metallic things before encountering giant end-stage bosses. It’s a new version of Space Harrier in all but name, essentially.

So while it probably won’t grab your attention beyond the first few levels, if you’re already a subscriber to Apple Arcade, it’s worth giving it a look, if only to get acquainted. marvel at how bizarre it all is.

What else to play this week

The other two games worth checking out this week each have extremely “on the nose” titles.

Hook Up: The Game is an independent short story set in a fictional dating app called Hook Up. You play as a thirsty youngster solving some problems, well… you get the idea. Naturally, it touches on adult themes and is certainly not for young gamers, but it’s a well-written and fascinating insight into a world that I, an extremely boring straight white male in my 40s, don’t often see.

Gun and Dungeons has an equally brutal title and unsurprisingly features a lot of guns and dungeons. It’s a very fast-paced and fun shooter where you dodge incoming fire, then lift your thumb off the screen to explode, clear rooms, and pick up a steady stream of upgrades as you go. Ideal for quick, brainless fun.

Until next week!

- Neil Long

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