iOS games recap: Netflix games take it to the next level with Poinpy, Too Hot to Handle and, yes, The Queen’s Gambit

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This week, a surprise competitor emerged in the world of mobile games: Netflix, which has been offering games as part of its iOS app since last fall. The streaming giant never really shouted about its game offering until last week, when it revealed a whole slew of games coming to the service. There will be a total of 50 Netflix games by the end of the year, in fact.

There are also some fun new games to check out on the App Store, including the Ace Attorney trilogy and a platformer where you play as a radish who at some point gets shot by his ex-wife, who is a tomato.

Let’s go, shall we?

Surprise! It’s Poinpy

You read correctly. The new game from the creator of the all-time classic Downwell is called Poinpy. And it got a surprise release last Friday, so it’s ready to play in your Netflix app right now. Like Apple Arcade releases, Netflix games are free to download if you’re a subscriber and have no ads or in-app purchases.

Poinpy is a game about pinging a cute green Kirby-like guy on the screen while collecting fruit to feed a giant grumpy blue cat. Pull back, release, and let Poinpy catapult into some berries, bananas, and an unidentifiable blue fruit to keep your hungry pursuer happy – or you’ll be flame-grilled and come back down to earth.

It feels great under the thumbs due to some deft haptic feedback effects, and your ever-increasing moves and powers mean it’s always a joy to come back for once more. It’s almost as good as Downwell, and that in itself is high praise.

Netflix shows are getting gamified

Money Heist NetflixSource: Netflix

Elsewhere in Netflix’s games showcase, we learned that the streaming giant has also teamed up with a group of developers to create games based on hit shows like Shadow and Bone, La Casa De Papel (aka Money Heist), The Queen’s Gambit and even Spicy Reality. stuff like Too Hot To Handle.

Shadow and Bone: Destinies is a single-player RPG coming in 2023 from Chimera Entertainment, the creator of two Angry Birds RPGs (Epic and Evolution), so it should be pretty solid. La Casa De Papel is being turned into a metal heist game by Colombian studio Killasoft, and reality show Too Hot To Handle is being turned into a romance game by the game maker Croatian Nanobit. The Queen’s Gambit is also being turned into a game by experienced UK studio Ripstone.

There’s some cool indie stuff too

Rounding out the Netflix lineup were up-and-coming indie games like Devolver and makers of iOS classics Alto’s Adventure and Monument Valley.

Lucky Luna looked particularly good – a Metroid-inspired platformer with lush pixel art from Snowman, the creator of Alto’s excellent games. Ustwo Games, the creators of Monument Valley, also unveiled Desta: The Memories Between, a sort of playground sport mixed with a strategy game, set in a dreamlike world of memories and childhood reminiscences.

In addition to the mighty Poinpy, cult games label Devolver has two other games coming to Netflix soon: environmentally-themed city builder Terra Nil and another game Reigns, this time based on the Chinese epic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

For these indie games and the shows it turns into games, the Netflix team has chosen its development partners very well here. Perhaps that’s no surprise, as he’s been building a dream talent squad for some time and really wants to get into the mobile space.

What to play this week

Outside of Netflix, it’s been a little quiet on the regular App Store, but there are still a few things worthy of your time this week – if you’re not already done with Diablo Immortal, of course.

Phoenix Wright fans who don’t mind spending a buck or two ($24.99, to be exact) can check out the just-released Ace Attorney Trilogy compilation, which includes the original game, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations. . It’s a mobile edition of the trilogy that came to consoles in 2019, so that’s a good thing.

Dadish 3 is a cute pixel art platformer adventure about a father radish on a mission to find his children. This is the third in a very fine series of games from indie hero Thomas Young, creator of the equally excellent Fowlst games. It also involves hitchhiking with your ex-wife, who is a tomato, so there you go.

And finally, Cooking Mama: Kitchen! is fresh on Apple Arcade this week, offering all the fun little mini-games you’ve come to expect, plus the ability to create your own recipes from a set of ingredients. Yum!

Until next week!

-Neil Long

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