Is “Fortnite” down? Epic Games says it’s fixed, but players are complaining they are still stuck

The “Fortnite” servers crashed Tuesday. Epic Games were aware of the issue and immediately released an update to resolve it. Unfortunately, some gamers are still complaining about connection issues on both PC and console platforms.

Various “Fortnite” reports surfaced in the early afternoon of connection issues. The problem appears to be widespread and is not confined to a single server.

Is Fortnite down? Players are reporting a problem

Players have forwarded it to the in-game subreddit and social media accounts to report any issues they’ve encountered.

A player reported that the game was stuck on the login screen. Another replied that uninstalling and reinstalling the game might not solve the problem.

Another player encountered the problem after a game. Instead of returning to the lobby, the player was stuck on the “Login” screen.

A third complaint said play would freeze on the pitcher.

Another player showed an example of a “Fortnite” blocking but on a different server.

Notice how all of the players have complained about the “freeze”, but experienced it in different loading sections of the game. For now, it’s safe to assume that the entire “Fortnite” server is affected.

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Epic Games said the issue was resolved: connection issues persist

Epic Games acknowledged the issue on their social media account. A few hours later, they announced that the connection issue was resolved.

However, a frustrated gamer posted a video of the persistent connection issue on their PC.

Another player was puzzled because the problem was still there despite the “fix”.

A player pointed out that the issue was not resolved and that it might be evident in the game. Players in matches may experience lag and stutter.

A posted fan being stuck on the login screen.

A player tweeted that the NA-East servers were down.

Worse yet, the problem may have spread to Android platforms!

Fortnite Down: How to fix connection issues

At the time of writing, “Fortnite” has just released another update on how to fix the connection issue. They said players should be able to access their accounts now.

Hopefully the fix should have spread to other servers. It is recommended that players try to log into “Fortnite” now.

If that doesn’t work, a player suggests restarting the gaming platform. This strategy would have fixed “Fortnite” on Xbox.

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